Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Mental Disorders

What is A Personality Disorder?

A Personality Disorder is the broader category which can be classified as personal behaviors emotions and thoughts that occur over a long period of time in a pattern. These actions and thoughts are not normal to his/her culture.

So How Is Narcissism considered a disorder?

There's a difference between being vain or egotistical and having Narcissistic Personality Disorder. In order to have NPD there are at least 5 symptoms that are required to be diagnosed.
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  • exaggerated self importance

  • exaggerates talents/achievements

  • expectation to be known as a superior

  • distracted by fantasies including power success intelligence and the idea of a flawless partner

  • Constantly needs admiration and entitlement

  • special favors are expected

  • envy is both ways for the person,believes people are envious and can be envious of others

  • arrogance

  • Inability to recognize others feelings, therefore sympathy and empathy are absent.

What is The cause?

Narcissistic personality was only really disorder was really only recognized about 50 years ago and the theory could be environmental, how the parents interacted with the child therefore if the child felt rejected or the parent lacked empathy or emotion towards the child so when the child grows up that recognition that was absent is now needed/demanded.
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Prevalance and patterns

Lifetime of NPD with 6.2%
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Is there any treatments?

Long term psychotherapy is one of the only treatments for this disorder. Psychotherapy focuses on how the person interacts during the sessions , helps the person to try to find emotions and corrects egotistical behaviors.

Medicine can be used also but usually for those who suffer depression and anxiety due to the disorder.

It is hard to treat the actual disorder itself because it is all based on the individual's past experiences and who or what it was caused rather than their self centered needs.

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