The Westing Game

◍ Theme ◍

The Desire for Cash

""Can we accuse an innocent woman of a murder that has never even been proved? Crow is our neighbor and our helper. Can we condemn her to a life of imprisonment just to satisfy our own greed? For money promised in an improbable and illegal will? If so, we are all guilty of a much greater crime than the accused. Our crime would be selling--yes, I said selling, selling for profit--the life of an innocent, helpless human being."" (Raskin 151)

If and when promised a lavished life of wealth, people will do anything it takes to receive that promised money---even if it means turning on your own friends and family. They have become slaves to their own uncontrollable desire for riches.

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The 200 Million Cash Prize, Wasted.

"That's it? What about the two hundred million dollars, the heirs wanted to know." (Raskin 171)

The characters are still only paying attention on the fact that they will not be receiving money. They are still too focused on trying to satisfy their own greed, although there are surely better things to be worried, such as the death of a close friend and the arrest of one, too. Their dreams of living like kings and queens are completely shattered.

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Forgetting the Greed.

""At least the guilt is not on our hands," Mr. Hoo said, trying to convince himself that a clear conscience was worth two hundred million dollars." (Raskin 154)

After finally coming to the conclusion that they will not be receiving any prize or money, the characters try to forget that there was even a cash prize. They wasted their own time and patience out of pure greediness. They will no longer be dreaming of the lavish life they wanted. The characters who thought they were going to earn two hundred million dollars basically had their imaginary crowns and tiaras ripped off from the tops of their heads as they realize they were never going to be royalty to begin with.

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But How Could This Possibly Apply To You?

The theme of The Westing Game is about how greed can make you do insane and bizarre things. The promise of diamonds and gold can convince nearly any person to do anything, even it means turning on your own friends and family. If promised money or jewels, you can control a person by using their own greed as a weapon. It is easier to just be greedy and selfish, but being humble and selfless will definitely pay off much more in the grand scheme of things.

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