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Mrs. Johnson's Kindergarten Weekly News

January 18, 2016

Sneak Peek of the Week Ahead

WEEKLY THEME: Polar Zoo- Part II - The Antarctic

Most everyone knows that the Arctic is located at the top of the planet and home to the north pole. But did you know the average winter temperature is minus 30 degrees Fahrenheit, and during summer, the temperature can climb to plus 50 degrees? That the Arctic is the only place polar bears live? This week we will discover what else you would encounter in the Arctic.


Our "reading" is really coming along! We are continuing to blend and rhyme words. Our confidence is showing as we attempt to write and read more.

Words to rhyme this week: pet and chill.

The Polar Zoo will find us visiting the Antarctic this week. Penguins are fun to study. The letter Ee is a vowel and has a long and short sound. We will use both sounds but will concentrate on the short sound. We will play "I spy", make an Eskimo puppet, and learn a lot about the Eskimo people and their habitat.

As we will also continue to learn and compare the arctic to the antarctic, the following animals from the arctic should be considered for your child's arctic animal report due on January 28th:

  • wolf

  • caribou

  • snowshoe hare

  • snowy owl

  • polar bear

  • seal

  • whale

  • lemming

  • Arctic fox

  • walrus

  • ptarmigan

  • musk ox

As suggested before, this report maybe used in the Learning Fair. The Learning fair is not mandatory but it does give your child another opportunity to participate as a kindergartner in a CHCA activity. The classroom report is a mandatory assignment.

Tacky the Penguin - Storybook Read Aloud!


In addition to pretending to be penguins by eating goldfish (crackers) to demonstrate math facts, we will estimate the size of some penguins and compare that size to our own. Story mats that look like the Antarctic will be available at math all week to help tell/write more math stories. Number tubs (the unifix cube and pattern block) will be introduced this week. We have been using these manipulatives to make pattern, but will begin the transition to addition and subtraction facts. Your child will begin to bring home paper work that demonstrates hands-on, minds-on math facts. Our Math in Focus finds practicing the operations that we are also doing in our tubs. This is a great link from the hands-on to the more abstract presentations of “math facts” and brings a great deal of understanding to the algorithms of addition and subtraction.

Martin Luther King Jr. Story Read by LeVar Burton - Reading Rainbow Story Time

Star of the Week--WILLIAM POLAND

Meet our Star of the Week, William Poland. William is new to CHCA this year but he has a sister Victoria in second grade. William likes the color green and doing science experiments in the science lab. We have just finished exploring the states of matter. Doing Mine Craft on the Kindle is a favorite of William's as well as games on his Wii. Chicken nuggets and cheese pizza are Williams choice meals. Soccer is at the top of his sports list. Have a great week, William!

Mark Your Calendar

January 18

No School-MLK Day

January 22

Early Release @ 11:40 am Parent Teacher conferences by teacher request

January 23

Parent Night Out

January 28

Arctic reports ( on poster boards) are due at school. You may want to make this a Learning Fair project as well as a class room report. Be sure to read the Learning Fair bulletins as they are forwarded to you. I encourage you to participate in the Learning Fair but it is not mandatory.

School Closing Info--When School is Closed ...

Please note the following important schedule and logistics when Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy is closed due to weather conditions. Please also note that when CHCA is closed, all after school activities are canceled unless you are notified otherwise.

Note that TV or radio stations do not allow specificity for our 4 buildings so we all follow "Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy". There is no delination by building or campus. You will be notified of the plan via our phone messaging system, but just to be sure you are informed, ALWAYS listen to your local TV or radio stations. (There have been occasions when our phone messaging system did not reach all intended parties.).

After school care (Eagles Nest and Eagles Landing) will NOT be open for any students.

Donations Needed:

  • Large box of goldfish (please let me know if you are able to send in a box). Thank you!


Dear Families,

Just a quick note about the up and coming author visit on February 23. Mrs. Simmons has asked teachers to remind you that if you are going to purchase a book from the author the pre-sale order is due Wednesday, January 20th. I will resend the form on Tuesday as a reminder. Books can still be purchased on the day of the author visit, but the quantity is usually limited.

I also want to thank so many of you for responding to the survey that i sent last week concerning your thoughts on newsletters. You have given me some new ideas as well as a very good grade on newsletters. I have to admit that undertaking a different format has really evolved in some new think on my part as to what purpose an on-line newsletter can serve. I thank you for the time you have spent staying informed. You are appreciated and awesome parents!

The survey is still open and will close later this week. If you have not yet responded, there is still time.