Stem Cell Beef

By Jon & Mark

The Beef

stem cell beef has only been around for a few years. but it is growing in value. it is difficult to grow but it is also some what expensive. it takes about $534 a kilo to make the beef, but also it goes for $5 for a pound


the first patty was made in 2013 and was tasted in in interview with the scientists that created the patty. although it is controversial the product can be made very quickly and the flavor is also controversial but there are good and bad reports about the taste the pros out weigh the cons.
How world's first test-tube burger was grown
although it is this is an ever changing science and development it is very successful in the science and development and could prove to be the biggest scientific brake through in stem cell research.

but the procedure is very difficult and you have to be precise with the work and the process takes a lot of care and with a simple mistake could ruin the whole procedure and the product.