2015 Year In Review

Highlights of 2015

Best and Worst Products


1)Apple Watch

2)Samsung Curve TV's


1) Vert Wearable jump rate monitor

2)Logbar ring

Biggest entertainment stories

Top 2 Movies

Star Wars

Star Wars is probably the best movie of 2015. This is the first Star Wars after Disney has purchased it. They marketed it to children on the two cable channels.

Jurassic World

Since the Jurrasic Park trilogy people have been expecting another one. Jurassic World has definitely made the old fans very happy. I noticed they advertised this movie a lot on cable for on demand.

Best 2 Singers

1. Adele's new album 25 was a hit and made millions of money. Her voice is very unique and that is the reason she is one of the best singers of 2015.

2. Drake is also one of the best singers of 2015. He made a whole diss track about Meek Mill and destroyed his chance of being one of the A-list singers. He marketed his music by advertising it on the internet especially soundcloud.

Top 5 Influential Figures

1. Donald Trump: Donald Trump has been very influential in the way of telling people what they want to hear. He currently is the top candidate with the highest polls.

2. Kanye West: Kanye West has been very influential towards teenagers and young adults who listen to his music.

3. Caitlyn Jenner: Caitlyn Jenner has been very influential to the public after showing her courage and bravery.

4. Drake: Drake has influenced many teenagers. He showed how much of an artist he is when he made a diss track fairly quickly about Meek Mill and showed everyone that no one can stop you.

5. J-Cole. J-Cole was probably the most influential because of his lyrics. Instead of all the awesome things he's done he uses his life stories to make his music.

New Years Resolution

1. For personal improvement I want to be more patient towards other people and nicer.

2. For friends and family I want to be more generous and give more than take from them.

3. For school and the outside world, I want to be more focused towards what I want to be and do when I grow up.