Walt Disney and Helen Keller

Overcoming Obstacles

Birth Dates and Childhood

Helen Keller was born in Tuscumbia Alabama on June 27, 1880. Her obstacle started when she was 19 months old and became ill. When she became ill she lost her sense of sight and hearing. Helen could communicate very little, her communication was just with simple signs for tasks. When someone did not understand her she would sometimes have a fit so some family members thought that she should be institutionalized when these happened.

Walter Elias Disney was born in Chicago Illinois on December 5, 1901. Walt and his brother Roy started working for their father delivering news papers in the morning and afternoon, but their father refused to pay them. After that Walt decided to start buying his own papers to sell without his father knowing so so he would get to keep the money.

Conflicts and Resolution

Helen Keller's conflict was that she was deaf, blind and could not talk. She went from when she was 19 months old until when she met Anne Sullivan. That was her resolution, her teacher Anne was the reason for many things in her life. Anne was right by Helen's side for many years and even went to college with her.

Walt Disney's conflict was that he struggled to become a successful artist because many people did not believe he could do it. The first person to start saying he could not be successful was his dad, when Walt was young his dad refused to pay him for the work he did everyday. When Walt overcame this he founded Disney Bros. Studio, which then changed to Walt Disney Studios.

Other Interesting Facts

Helen Keller could communicate very little with people until her father found Anne Sullivan, she had a few very simple hand gestures to communicate. Once her father found Anne she accomplished a lot, she taught Helen how to use sign language and eventually even how to speak. The first word that Helen ever said in sign language was the word doll.

Walt Disney had lots of jobs while he was growing up to try and make money. When he was 16 Walt dropped out of school to join the army, he was rejected because of his age. Once he created the movie Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs he won a full size oscar and seven mini ones.

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