Bringing Down The House

By: Ben Mezrich


Kevin Lewis is a college student at MIT. He's living life like any other college student. He's got a girlfriend, he's got doing what he can impress his father, but all of that is pushed aside when his roommates come back from one their weekend trips and ask Kevin to join the MIT Black Jack team. Kevin gets thrown into this secret life trying to take millions from the casinos of Las Vegas, he has to learn the signs and signals of his team and most importantly, "you don't know anyone". Kevin and the team have to be very cautious about being caught because there are the Pit Bosses all throughout the casinos and the new security cameras they call "The eyes in the sky". So will Kevin and his team come back to Boston with millions of dollars? You have to read to find out.

“Contrary to what many novices believed, the goal of blackjack was not to get the best hand possible; it was to beat the dealer’s hand.”



I found this book very interesting. it goes from Kevin Lewis' story to Ben Mezrich interviewing the Kevin Lewis for the book, I didn't really like when it goes to Ben Mezrich's point of view because I always wanted more of the actual story rather than how he got it.
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