MY 3rd six weeks homework

Right now, it's a thing for the story, sensory language etc.

Sensory Language

Sensory language is the classification for words that activate senses, like touch, sight, taste, smell.

For example, ticklish, bloody, prickly, intoxicating, etc, etc...

Character developement

Character development is almost the same, but it's the guy in the story going beyond drywall thickness.

Ex. Alex Mercer in the prototype series, well his Blacklight corpse.

1st person

This point of view is from the main character/characters in the story. You see through their eyes.

Ex. IT, excerpts from the Great War, All of Deicide's discography, all of the stories I've written.

How setting influences plot.

If you want to have a plot, one thing you need is setting, because how do you have a story that's literally nowhere.

Ex. Dublin, Cairo, or any place you can think of, just don't pull a Schroedinger and be everywhere at once.