Mansa Musa Fighting The Desert

Gage Thompson

Imagine This

Imagine this, you are a slave on Mansa Musa`s journey to the holy land. Poor villages were given money, but you were not. How would you feel about this action?

Mansa Musa`s Journey to Mecca

On Mansa Musa`s journey to Mecca, over 90,000 men guarded his path!Mansa Musa believed that everyone deserved gold, so he threw out so much gold, it lost its value for 15 years. Each one of his 100 camels were carrying 300 pounds of gold. His trip made Islam stronger and it increased education. Mansa Musa spread most of his fame through out his journey to Mecca. He took Arab Scholars, Government Bureaucrats, and Architects with him. His trip was over 4,000 miles long! He began his trip in 1324 and took 4 months to plan! He had threw out so much gold, he had to borrow some gold from Egyptian villages to get back to Timbuktu.
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He looks mean, but he is known to be very nice and kind hearted to others and his villagers that lived in his empire.

All About Mansa Musa

Mansa Musa was most famous for all the schools and Mosques he built. Mansa Musa ruled for 25 years and took throne in 1307. He is also known as the richest person that ever lived! He is know to be kind hearted and sweet to his villagers. He built University's, Schools, and Mosques. He believed that his people could believed in any religion they wanted to and live in his empire. Mansa Musa was a Muslim and died in the 1300`s.

The Death Of The Malian Empire

After Mansa Musa died his son, Maghan had took the throne. He was not a strong ruler and not very nice.When invaders came he could not defend and Timbuktu got set on fire. They destroyed Schools and all the Mosques they built. Mali was weakened and beginning to fall apart. In 1431 the Tuareg's from the Sahara Desert attacked Timbuktu. In 1500 almost all of Mali had been destroyed. Only a small part of Mali had survived.

Mansa Musa, Famous African KIng

Mansa Musa was one of the most famous kings of West African Empires. He is also known as the richest person that ever lived. He had up to 400 billion dollars. Even though Mali collapsed after after his death, he was still an awesome King. Go to websites for more info.


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