Island School PTA Newsletter

November 2013

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Message from Co-chairs

Dear Parents,

As we head towards the end of the year, it is worthwhile reflecting on how our children continue to amaze us with their level of enthusiasm, energy and maturity as they participate in all aspects of school life. Not only are students gearing up for concerts and musical productions but many are also representing their school in the various sports and activities offered at Island School.

The upcoming Winter Wonderland Fair on Saturday December 7th will showcase the talents of our children. The student Fair Coordinators are busy planning with the PTA’s Becky Brown and Ushie Tuck, as well as with teacher Kate Sommerville. All of this requires a lot of time and commitment and our students deserve to be recognized for their contribution to our community.

If you have not yet put your name down to help out at the Fair, it is not too late. All that is required is one hour of your time! Please contact our wonderful ‘Volunteers Coordinator,’ Angela Socha on and let her know when you will be available.

Finally we would like to take this opportunity to wish our students all the best in the coming few weeks as they prepare for their mock exams and various assignment deadlines.

Amani Sue and Toni Flynn

Save The Date!

Wednesday November 20th, 2013 - Music Concert by Island School Students

All proceeds from ticket sales will go towards the Haiyan Typhoon Relief Fund - 7pm

Ticket price - $100

Thursday, November 21st, 2013 - Year 11 Coffee Morning - (Venue: The Helena May in Central)

26th - 28th November 2013, 7pm - Zombie Apocalypse Musical


Saturday 7th December, 2013 - ISPTA Christmas Fair

Year 11 Coffee Morning

The Year 11 Coffee Morning will be held on Thursday, 21st of November 2013 in the Helena May in Central from 8:30 – 10:30 am.

Mrs. Sheila Dewick, will be speaking to parents about option choices and issues relating to wellbeing, exams and mocks. An email was sent to parents on Tuesday 12th November.

Music Concert by Island Students - Funds go to Haiyan Relief Disaster

Dear Parents,

We would like to invite you to a musical extravanganza, which takes place next Wednesday (20th November) at Island School. Approximately 100 students will perform high quality, beautiful music, which will really put you in the mood for Christmas.

You are invited to stay behind for refreshments.



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Zombie Apocalypse Musical

Zombie Apocalypse the Musical 26th - 28th November 7pm Island School Hall.

Synopsis - ''Glee" meets "The Walking Dead" as a group of survivors struggle to keep from becoming Zombie dinner. As the Undead walk the survivors sing and dance their way through hits from the 50s to today's top 10!

The Apocalypse has never been so entertaining. Tickets start from $100.

A special PTA 'Meet the Zombies Gala event' will be hosted on opening night. $200 gets you a pre-show bubbles and Zombie finger food! All profits will be donated to the Syrian Refugee Charity.

Tickets on sale from school office and lunchtime to students from Monday 18th November.

Meet our Fair Co-ordinators

The driving force behind the Island School Fairs are the PTA’s Becky Brown and Ushie Tuck. Their enthusiasm and warm smiles are ever present and the PTA is very fortunate to have such dedicated parents on the committee!

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Greetings from your Fair Co-ordinators!

With only 3 weeks to go, preparations are in full swing for this year’s Christmas Fair and we are looking forward to a festive, fun-filled, family occasion. Together, the students, staff and PTA have been working hard to make sure it a Fair to remember!

The Island School Winter Fair is the school’s major annual fund-raising event and proceeds are divided equally between the Nicole Myers and Kenneth McBride Memorial Fund and the Island School PTA. The Memorial Fund was established to benefit deserving sixth-form students attending local schools in Hong Kong. These students are often from low-income families and are in need of financial aid to complete their secondary education. School projects funded by the PTA so far have included a new cardiovascular suite and tv studio, science equipment and audio/visual upgrades for the Hall.

Student stalls include: A Nightmare Before Christmas, Go-karting, Shave The Balloon and a Christmas Stall selling the winning cards from our Christmas Card Competition (as well as other Christmas cards, ribbons and wrap). Please also look out for the student-run Baiwan Charity Stall, raising money to improve the education and lives of children in this remote part of China.

Entertainment will include: singing, dancing and performance (including comedy) courtesy of both Island School students and outside performers, with the afternoon rounding off with some season carol singing before the drawing of our Lucky Draw at 4pm.

We have over 20 commercial stalls attending, selling jewellery, fashion, children’s toys, carpets, flowers and chocolate (to name but a few!). ISPTA stalls will include our famous Kitchenware and 2nd Hand Book Stalls as well as New and Nearly New and White Elephant.

There will be a wide range of food choices available, including the parent-run BBQ and our new parent-run Chinese Food Stall, which will be serving delicious vegetarian options. Pizza, fish balls and potato snacks will also be available from the Tuck Shop. We will be running our Cake Stall and Crepe Stalls as usual in the Hall and Swire will also be providing Popcorn and Candy Floss in Block 5 Playground.

Tea, wine, champagne and cider will be available at the PTA Bar in the Hall (ably run again this year by Liz Moser) and The Teachers’ Bar will be serving cold beer, cider, mulled wine, red and white wine in Block 5 Playground. Island Café will also be serving coffee throughout the day.

We are, as always, looking for the following donations (which can be brought to the PTA Office any time between now and the Fair):

  • 2nd hand books and dvds (not pirated please)
  • New and nearly new gifts
  • Small prizes for the student stalls, including stickers, stationery, confectionery and novelty items
  • Old reading glasses for donation to Crossroads
  • Cakes and baked goods of all shapes and sizes, so don’t worry if cakes are not your forte! Cookies, brownies, banana loaves, custard tarts; you make it, we will sell it! All we would ask is that your donations contain NO NUTS (except Christmas cakes). Christmas themed cup cakes and cookies are also very popular.

Lucky Draw - please see a separate communication from our Sponsorship and Donations Co-ordinator, Joanne Ooi, below.

We very much hope you will join us on 7th December for some Christmas shopping, dining and entertainment.

We hope to see you there !

Ushie Tuck and Becky Brown

Fair Co-ordinators

Lucky draw Donations

Dear Parents

If you'd like to lend a helping hand to this year's fundraising efforts for Island School, please consider donating a Lucky Draw prize to the Winter Fair.

Some examples of prizes donated last year include:

• M&S Mulled Wine Food Hamper

• $2000 Meal Voucher from Kowloon Island Shangri-la;

• Yoga Mat plus 4 Iyengar Yoga Classes

• Zara $500 Gift Voucher

• 1 Hour Prescriptive Facial

• 5 x $100 Gigasports Vouchers

• Shanghai Tang Cufflinks

If you're interested in donating, please email Please note the following hours for dropping off or sending over your donation to:

Kate Su

PTA Administrator

Island School, 20 Borrett Road

Hong Kong

9:30 - 3:30 pm, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

9:30 - 2:30 pm, Wednesday

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at the same email.

Joanne Ooi

Donations & Sponsorships Coordinator, ISPTA

Cheers For These WONDERFUL Parent Volunteers!

The ISPTA is busy getting ready for the Winter Wonderland Fair on 7th December. Whilst our children were away for Quest week, a group of dedicated parents generously volunteered their time to help sort out the enormous amount of kitchenware stored in the squash court.

Thanks to their tireless effort on November 5th & 7th, we are pleased to say that the Kitchenware Stall is now well organized and ready to go for the busy sale period at the Winter Fair Saturday the 7th December!

A big THANK YOU goes to:

Pascal Litmaath (who has managed the Kitchenware Stall for many, many years)

Jane Watson

O'Shan Lee

Michelle Tse

Jono Keefe

Vanita Srinivasan

We couldn’t have done it without you!

Angela Socha (Volunteers Coordinator)

Island School Parent Representatives 2013-2014

Message from Angela Socha our ISPTA Volunteers coordinator

The ISPTA would like to thank the parents listed below for their commitment to the Island School community. We are looking forward to their invitations to brunch, lunch or evening get-togethers. From feedback in the past we know how much parents enjoy sharing their ideas and getting to know each other. They always walk away feeling connected to their child's school and in the long run, this benefits all our children.

If you would like to help organise events for your child's year group, you can still sign up as a Parent Representative. Many hands make light work!

If you interested please contact us on!

Year 7 - Christine Brendle, Sheila Chan, Scarlett Mattoli, Melinda Narquet, Meizhi Tan, Angela Wong

Year 8 - Noven Chin, Kathleen Underhill

Year 9 - Trudi Kennedy, Teresa Weir

Year 10 - Sheila Chan, Carly Lam, Melinda Narquet

Year 11 - Noven Chin, Darien Muh, Teresa Weir

Year 12 -Trudi Kennedy, Amani Sue

Year 13 - Susan Finder, Vanita Srinivasan, Teresa Weir

Log onto the Gateway

Please log in to the Gateway system to update your information and details for your children.

Please choose the "Opt In" option - doing so will make sure you receive all correspondence from the school and the PTA. If you opt out, you will miss out on important up-coming events.

This needs to be done through the parents Gateway log in, not your child's log in. If you have misplaced your details, please contact Katie Forster at Island School at

ISPTA Shop - News

Have you pre-ordered and paid for the new Graphic Calculator?

The new Graphic Calculators (Casio Model FXCG20) are now available for sale in the PTA Bookshop (no pre-order necessary). Price is $1,100. A reminder that cheques should be made payable to 'Island School PTA Ltd' and have your child's name, Year & House and your mobile phone number written on the back of the cheque.

Have you pre-ordered and paid for the new Graphic Calculator? Please ask your child to come to the PTA shop as soon as possible to collect. The student should bring with them the Collection Slip from the original Order Form (if they have it) and their Student ID.

Shop Opening Hours

Uniform Shop

9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Wednesday


9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. Monday - Friday

Please note that the shops are closed when students are not at school such as Quest week, CPD days, school and public holidays.

Any queries, please contact PTA on

Christine Meaney

PTA Committee Shop Coordinator


With the weather about to change, now is the time for you to come in and purchase your winter clothing items from the PTA shop. We have the following in stock in addition to the year round Island School uniform.

Scroll down for PICTURES BELOW

· P.E Navy blue ‘Island’ track tops and pants

· Navy Blue Fleece I.S Jackets

· Maroon Coloured I.S sweatshirt

· Navy blue knitted cardigan

For further information on the Uniform prices please go to:

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Membership Reminder

We recently sent reminder letters to families who have yet to pay their PTA fees. Please note that it is COMPULSORY for all families to pay their fees ($550 per family). There are now only a few families who have yet to pay. If you have received a letter, we urge you to send in your payment as soon as possible. Please make the cheque payable to ‘ Island School PTA Ltd’ and send to:

Island School PTA, 20 Borrett Road, Mid-levels


The student directories have been distributed. All PAID families are entitled to receive one directory per family.

If you have recently paid your fees, please come or ask your child to come to the PTA office and collect the student directory.

ISPTA Committee Names and Area of Responsibility

Name and Roles

Alefiyah Ebrahim - Design

Amani Sue - Co-Chair

Andy Lowe - Secretary

Angela Socha - Volunteers Coordinator

Aparna Bubna - Welcome Commitee / Coffee Mornings

Becky Brown - Co-Fairs Coordinator

Chris Binge - Principal

Christine Meaney - Shops Coordinator

CW Lee - Staff (Accountant)

Joanne Ooi - Donation/Sponsorships

Jo-Anne Trevenna - Staff Representative (Teacher)

Julian Reed Staff - (Teacher) & Parent Representative

Mary Vlogianitis - Co-Editor Newsletter

Michael Wong - Co-Treasurer

Nigel Hale - Co-Treasurer

Oliver Temple - Website and Technology

Rebecca Yip - Staff (Business Manager) & Parent Representative

Sonali Laul - Co-Higher Education & Careers

Stephen Chu - Co-Higher Education & Careers

Teresa Fung - Welcome Committee / Coffee Mornings

Toni Flynn - Co-Chair

Trish Oliver - Co-Editor Newsletter

Ushie Tuck - Co-Fairs Coordinator


Winter Wonderland Fair (December 7)

Advertising has been completed (SCMP, Christmas Shopper’s Guide, The Standard and Around DB).

Greeting card contest

To advertise in the student bulletin. Prizes to be iTunes vouchers. Winners will feature on the cover of 5 cards and be sold at the fair and through other channels.


· All content providers are urged to please observe and adhere to the following time lines in submitting content:

o Monday (week prior to PTA meeting) Trish to issue reminder to regular content providers

o Tuesday (week of PTA meeting) Trish to issue further reminder of impending deadline

o Friday (week of PTA meeting) all content needs to be submitted by noon

o Friday - Saturday (week of PTA meeting) Trish and Mary will collate newsletter

o Sunday – Monday (week following PTA meeting) Amani and Toni will review content

o Monday – Tuesday (week following PTA meeting) school to do final review and distribute

Treasurer’s report

Treasurer’s report:

  • It was unanimously agreed to report gross as well as net figures for the fair and raffle going forwards.
  • Profits before contributions currently stands at approximately $97,000 with a small net deficit after contributions.
  • The general fund is down 7% but this reflects the sharp increase in contributions
  • Total surplus after contributions is up 2% on last year.
  • As at end of September we have 869 families registered (100 more than same period last year).

Principal's Report

CAS week overall has been very successful. International SOS had worked well and SOS had been giving good advice where it was needed. There were some learning points as the new team this year transitioned into managing the week, in particular communication with parents and the timing of some trips (e.g. NZ).

Options evenings have been held to give parents and students early information on what is available. They are being held early so that students have time to research options that they may not previously have known


The PTA Bookshop opening hours are:
Monday to Friday 9:30 a.m. -2:30 p.m.

School Uniforms

PTA uniform shop opening hours are:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 9:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Wednesday: 9:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

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