The Karankawa

By Sakina Ghafoor


The region the Karankawa lived in was the Gulf Coastal Plains.


The Karankawa captured enemy warriors and leaders after a battle and ate them. The Karankawa ate fish, oysters, and clams safely during the winter months.

How The Karankawa Obtained Their Food

They caught sea food in shallow bays. In the summer the Karankawa would go inland and hunt Deer, Rabbits, Turtles, and Turkey. They also gathered fruits, berries and roots.

Type Of Dwelling The Karankawa Lived In

The Karankawa used tree saplings and animal skins to build huts called wickiups. They preferred to build near the ocean.

Weapons The Karankawas Used

They had bows that were almost 6 feet tall and shot long arrows made from shoots of cane. The Karankawa used a sharp rock to shave and shape wood. They wood also use bones to make hoes and needles.

Karankawa Beliefs

The Karankawa would give thanks to their gods by celebrations which involved dancing and eating big meals. They would hold the ceremonies after a successful hunt or after a fishing expedition.

Organization Of Leadership

The men had authority over women. The only leader the Karankawas had was the War Chief who only had authority when battles begun.