Homework Club Connection

what, where, when, how, and most importantly . . .thanks

First Time Volunteers?

Thank you for volunteering to help with homework club. When you arrive at Freedom,

  • sign in at front office
  • go to media center
  • wait for your assigned grade level teacher (see the "plan" for teacher/grade assigned)
  • Follow that teacher to their classroom and begin working with a student.

Again, thank you!

Dec 15th Plan

Here is the plan for room assignments tomorrow. teachers - folders and walkie talkies will be in the media center when you come to pick up your students.

Grade Level Folders

  • student list - please take attendance
  • volunteer email sign up - please give to volunteers
  • Missing work list - please make sure students are aware
  • copies of work that teachers provide.

If I am missing any volunteers, I will assign them a room when they arrive tomorrow.

2nd grade - Room 115 (Mrs. Bonin's room) 7 students

Staff - Ms. Kerr, Mrs. Eiswerth - until Mrs. Snyder gets there.

Ridge Volunteers - Talonziay Dirr, Samantha Zepahua, Sean Murphy, Hannah Guise, Natalie Whitaker, Kaitlyn Vitello

3rd Grade - Room 121 (Ms. Kessen's Room) 12 students

Staff - Mrs. Hook, Mrs. Tavolier

Ridge Volunteers - Anna Kidd, Kati Zepahua, Keegan Day, Ashley Allison, Shayna Codd

High School Volunteers - Sadie Spoonland

4th Grade - Room 208 (Ms. Dudley's Room) 14 students

Staff - Ms. Dudley, Mrs. Baroch

Ridge Volunteers - Ava Benoit, Gianna Conklin, Jason Zepahua, Morgan Saylor, Natalie Abel, Taylor Huater, Alyssa Phelan

5th Grade - Room 216 (Mrs. Fuller's Room) 13 students

Staff - Mrs. Fuller, Mr. Kolbinsky

Ridge Volunteers - Olivia Gamsky, Taylor Dennis, Allie Weber, Lindsey Speed, Nolan Meister

6th Grade - Room 108 (Mrs. Ebbing's Room) & Room 113 (Mrs. Giesting's Room) 14 students

Staff - Mrs. Ebbing, Mrs. Giesting, Ms. Lewicki, Mr. Dan Hudson

Ridge Volunteers - Afia Owusu-Korkor, Ben Simpson, Marin Sandefur, Kelsey Hartnell, Paige Nelson, Morgan Dietrich, Ava Rowling,


  • stay in your rooms
  • make sure walkie talkie is on
  • 4:30pm I will walkie talkie for car riders
  • I will walkie talkie for bus riders as soon as the bus shows up.

  • Return folders and walkies to white bucket in teacher's lounge