An Interview With Ms. Miller

Megan Medlin

Ms. Miller's Education

Ms. Miller has a bacholor of Arts in English from Texas Tech. She is working towards her MED from UTA and will recieve it in 2016. She is a 9th grade ELA teacher and cheer coach at Keller High School. She has taught this grade for 3 years and this is the only teaching job she has had.

Ms. Miller's View on Teaching

A typical day for Ms. Miller is she shows up at school, answers students quetions, makes sure she has all her resoures, teaches, plana with other 9th grade ELA teachers, teaches again, coachs, then grades papers.

The duties associated with her job are teaching, gradeing papers, doing paperwork, and coaching cheer.

She puts in about 50.5 hours a week.
Her biggest challenge as a teacher is being sure that each lesson is relavent to life and the future.

On a scale from one to ten, she says the amount of self-motivation she needs for the job is about a 9.

The biggest reward from teaching for her is when a student says to her her or a friend that they love the thing she teaches or the book she makes them read or they love her as a teacher.

The advice she would give to a student wanting to pursue a career in teaching is make it is actully your calling.