Air Pollution

By: Cynthia Hall

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Chemical Equations

N2 + O2--> 2NO

When Nitrogen gas and Oxygen gas are combined at a very high temperature then it forms nitrogen oxide. This new chemical causes transformations within the air. This new chemical mainly comes from engines in cars because of the burning fuel.

SO3 + H2O--> H2SO4

As sulfur trioxide and water join together they tend to create sulfuric acid. This leaves a not so pleasant in the air also causing irritation to one’s nose.

4 FeS2 + 11 O2--> 2 Fe2O3 + 8 SO2

Once we burn coal and it combines with Oxygen gas two products are formed which are iron oxide and sulfur dioxide. Iron oxide can harm the environment because it can sink in the bottom of rivers and cause a “yellow boy” and kills the fishes and plants under water.

2 SO2 + O2--> 2 SO3

As soon as sulfur dioxide and oxygen gas mix together it produces sulfur trioxide. This causes a huge problem with humans and the air. The air that we use to breathe will only get worse for us to inhale it.

C + O--> CO

When carbon and oxygen combine as one it makes carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is one of the most dangerous chemicals. It is deadly to living organisms and humans. It caused by a incomplete burning of various substances.

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Natural Processes

One natural process that causes air pollution in the environment is forest fires. When the trees burn, it produces carbon monoxide in the air. This damages the clean air that we need to breathe. Breathing in carbon monoxide causes problems with our lungs and how we breathe. Not only that, but the temperature will also tend to rise because of all the heat and smoke.

Another natural process that causes air pollution is volcano eruption. Because of the sulfur dioxide, an erupted volcano can cause acid rain. In addition, when it erupts it produces ash. When ash is in the air, it causes respiratory problems for living things. Not only that, ash blocks the sun rays and makes the temperature on land colder.

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Anthropogenic processes

Although air pollution has its natural way of occurring it has an anthropogenic way too. One major way humans contribute to air pollution is by using vehicles. Because people rely so much on cars to get places it’s easier for carbon monoxide and burned fossils to be let into the air. But since these hazardous chemicals are in the air it makes it harder for us to breathe. This problem could be solved although it will be hard since we need vehicles to get from one place to another.

In addition to vehicles, humans also use industries and factories to help make air pollution. When we see the long tubes come from the top of the building with all the dark smoke, it is the poison causing air pollution. Again carbon monoxide plays a big part in the damage. All the smoke contains plenty of it and it spreads fast through the air. Since there are so many factories and industries in one area or city, the air we use to breathe is contaminated.

Air Pollution Causes, Effects And Solutions!


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