Stepping In to 6th Grade

Dec 7th - 11th

Important Announcements

Dec 7th: No School

Dec 8th - 9th: Math NWEA Testing

Dec 10th-11th: Reading and Language NWEA Testing

Dec 14th-15th: Science NWEA Testing

Dec 16-17th: Science Seasons Test

Big picture



  • I can use close read to gain meaning of unknown words and phrases.
  • I can develop good speaking skills.

What we will be Learning:

Students will be continuing their development of good speaking skills with sharing of ideas, concepts, and projects worked on in class over the past two weeks.

Assignments to complete this week:

  • Complete The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
  • Daily Sacred Writing
  • NWEA Winter Testing Session for Language Arts and Reading
  • Language Arts work on Edementum

Ms. K. Clark:

Mrs. L. Clark:

Ms. Hervey:


ELO 6: Students will be able to divide fractions.

What will be learning?

This week we will be covering what it means to divide in different ways. We talk about how many groups in different situations.

Assignments to complete this week:

Tuesday: NWEA Math Benchmark test

Wednesday: Finish any testing, Begin Lesson 4.4 Pear Deck, and practice problems

Thursday: Lesson 4.5 Pear Deck and practice problems

Friday: Lesson 4.6 Pear Deck and practice problems

Mrs. Alexander:

Ms. Lechiara:

Ms. Simonin:



  • I will develop and use models of the Earth-Sun interactions to explain seasons.

What we will be learning:

  • This week we will focus on learning how Earth's tilt causes different latitudes to experience different amounts of sunlight and how that results in different temperatures.

Assignments to complete this week:

  • Sun's path in the sky lab sheet posted on Google Classroom
  • Seasons stations lab sheet posted on Google Classroom

Ms. Doering:

Ms. Simonin:

Social Studies


  • Student can describe how the geography of river valleys led to settlement and the beginning of civilization
  • Student can describe the advancement of civilization and its legacy

What we will be Learning:

We will be beginning our unit on Ancient China. We will be learning about the Geography of China, the 3 major Chinese Philosophies/Religions, the 4 Great Chinese Inventions, and the Silk Road.

Assignments to complete this week:

  • Ancient China Notes, copy from the Peardeck
  • Note Reflection Questions, answer on the Peardeck

Mr. Hoskins:,

Mrs. Windmann: