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comfort: any psychiatric disorder do not need to remind you that psychological comfort is the most important and most importantly tried to distance yourself from all kinds of stress, and get rid of tension and stress in all possible ways. To achieve this, you can review the methods that we have mentioned in our article about the treatment of anxiety.Worship: We all know that comfort the soul in worship, and whenever the rights to his Lord closest you will not feel upset, and all the problems of the world in front of his eyes. Diseaseless EBook Review

Supplication, for example, as worship gives comfort indescribable, as well as the complaint and groveling to the Creator all send Vick strength and confidence that you are able to cope and that God is with you and will not let you down. According to a study of 4,000 older that those who provide services in the centers of worship or support have a lower rate of depression images much larger than others.

My advice to you no matter how large or small your problems grew that before the creation of God, knowing that God also created and there will be solved on your hands, God willing, you're on your own.Depressiontender: Try to publish happiness, even if you, and believe me, you will feel it incredible, helped the needy, respect the elderly and spoke to them, participated in volunteer work, and community service activities, visit the sick all these things that will raise the morale of your soul and addressed all of what ails depression or tight.The third key: dietary supplements pills1. Vitamin B: including a lack of vitamin B that one of the main causes of depression increase the content of vitamin B in your diet may help in the treatment of depression you have.