By: Anthony Houselog

What is CDH

CDH(Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia) is a condition were when you are born your lungs are not formed right because your abdominal organs move up into the chest and crush your lungs and you are only able to live for a few hours once your born. About every 1 of

250,000 babies get's this disease.

How it's in my family

My two cousins had it when thy were first born. Sadly they didn't make it. Both of them had all or most of the symptoms. The symptoms were blue color skin, fast breathing, and difficult breath and also had more symptoms. It will probably never pass down or over to anyone in my family.

How to treat it and Cure it

The way to cure it and treat is to have the child go into surgery and then gently move the child's abdominal organs down from the chest and put it back were it has to go. There are some different ways but this one is the most common and use full one. I don't know if my cousins had this surgery or maybe they just didn't have enough time to live to have the surgery take place.

Who has it in my Family.

My two cousins both had it. Their names were Sylvia and Savannah Houselog. So it's on my Dad's side of the family because my uncle was their Father. They have a total of 5 kids. If you scroll up there is a picture of them, but that picture was took about two or three years ago. So my oldest cousin is in fourth grade at Carver and his name is Will. Now my second oldest cousin would be Sylvia. She would be in second grade I think. My third oldest cousin is Stella, she is 6 and is in kindergarten. Now next would be Savannah who would be the fourth oldest child in their family. And about two or three years ago they had another addition to the family and she is abut two or three and here name is Beatrice.

How can I avoid the disease

There is probably a 99.9% chance i won't get it because I can't. But If I ever do have kids like I said there is a one out of 250,000 babies can get it.

How the disease is caused?

Scientist have not found out how your child can get it. But there are ways you can tell when you are pregnant you have it.

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