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Weekly Newsletter - April 23rd

Upcoming Events

LISD Middle School Solo & Ensemble Contest: Saturday, 4/29 (4th period Wind Ensemble students), times HERE

Spring Band Concert: Thursday, May 11th, 7:00 (call time TBA), Durham Middle School Gym, ALL Bands, 6-8

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Six Flag Social Event - 5/20

- Saturday, May 20th, we will meet at Durham in the morning and return in the early evening

- 6-8 band, choir, orchestra, & theater students only*

- All fees must be paid in full to attend the event by Friday, April 26th (updated).

- Band fee: $30.00

- Instrument Usage Fee: (varies based on Free/Reduced Lunch status; if using a school instrument or percussion equipment)

- Six Flags Trip Fee: $65.00* (all day ticket, lunch, drink, snack, and transportation)

- Chaperones and season pass holders are $25.00

*Please note that if a student has served any days of OSS or DAEP starting January 4th, they are ineligible to attend this event.

*We must have at least 100 students sign up in order to attend. If we do not meet the minimum requirement, students will be refunded their Six Flags trip fee.

Upgrade Your Sound Event!

Looking to upgrade your student's instrument to help take them to the next level? Music and Arts is having their "Upgrade Your Sound!" event this spring! Check out the event information HERE to learn more.

Band Fees and Instrument Fees - Overdue

Band fee for all students: $30 (binder, supplies, shirt, solo & ensemble, etc.)

Instrument Usage (if applicable): Based on your Free/Reduced lunch status (see usage contract for more details). Don’t forget to send your usage contracts to school or fill out here and email to vivianom@lisd.net.

We can accept cash (exact change only) or check made out to Durham MS Band Boosters.

We cannot accept online payments at this time.

If you would like to check on the status of your fees or would like to know what is owed, please email Mrs. Viviano at vivianom@lisd.net.

Durham Fine Arts have two upcoming social events this semester - In order to make sure your child is eligible to attend, all remaining fee balances must be paid in full.


Instrument Care Reminders

- Do not leave instruments in cars (extreme hot and cold can damage instruments permanently)

- Instruments should not be outside in extreme temperatures for extended time (especially wooden ones - they can crack) and excess moisture from can cause brass to rust or pads to mold

- Woodwinds should make sure to swab after every use to prolong the life of the pads. Swabs can be purchased from Music and Arts (make sure to get the correct one for your instrument or they can get stuck!)


Reeds - Required for ALL Reed Students

Students who play instruments that require reeds should have 3 good reeds with them at all times. If your student is running low on reeds, please contact or visit Music & Arts in Lewisville to order a box (clarinets and saxes) or individual reeds (bassoon and oboe).

Link to CLARINET reeds

Link to BASS CLARINET reeds

Link to ALTO SAX reeds

Link to OBOE reeds

Link to BASSOON reeds

Brand and strength of reeds are listed below for your convenience:

Bb Clarinet (all grades)

Vandoren 3

Bass Clarinet (7th and 8th grades)

Vandoren 3

Alto Sax (all grades)

Vandoren 3

Oboe (6th grade)

Bocal Majority Basic Oboe Reed

Oboe (7th and 8th grades)

Bocal Majority Basic Oboe Reed (Pro version if ready in 7th/8th grade)

Bassoon (6th grade)

Singin' Dog Medium Soft

Bassoon (7th and 8th grades)

Jones Medium (Medium Soft if needed)


DMS Band Handbook

The handbook is your go to source for the following: class expectations: grading policy, attendance policy, important dates, and much more!

Social Media / Band Website

Jacob Groening

Director of Bands


Mackenzie Viviano

Associate Director of Bands