Ockley Green Newsletter

Interview with Amelia Jost

By Lillian U. and Ava J.

Q. Favorite trend right now?

A.Chains cause they're cute

Q. Favorite movie and why?

A.IT because it is quality content

Q. If you could be a VSCO Girl/Boy, an E-Girl/Boy, or a Soft Girl/Boy which one would you be?

A. E-girl because it’s edgy

Q. Cutest Celebrity?

A.Finn Wolfhard

Q.Favorite video game right now?

A.Animal Crossing because it is wholesome

Q.If you could be any character in a movie who would you be?

A.Peppa Pig because it is my spirit animal

Q.Favorite song?

A.Class Fight by Melanie Martinez

Q.Best friend (s)?

A.Lillian and Ava

Q.Favorite class?

A.Dance because it’s fun

Q.Favorite teacher?

A.Mr. Damon because he’s great

Q.What class you miss from the first semester?

A.None because I didn’t like any of my first semester classes

Q.Favorite Food?

A.Takis because they’re hot like me (she told us not to write that)

Q.Favorite High School Musical Character?

A.Sharpay Evans she’s a bad [b-word]

Q.Favorite anime?

A.Sailor Moon because they're all baddies

Interview on chance Coleman

by Alejandra Salvador

Everyone has one place they'd really wanna go to and I've asked Chance a couple of questions about his life and somewhere he’d wanna go to is Hawaii and his favorite place to be is in Chicago. Chance has always liked to play basketball and says it's the most fun and his favorite thing to do and something he has been wanting to do is go to Mexico and just explore. Chance is very specific on what he likes to wear, his favorite shoes are Jordans and his favorite place to shop for clothes is Burlington. Of course, chance would wanna hang out with his friends and what's he said was that he likes to spend time with his three best friends Asson, Ziclali and Alejandra and when he does hang out with them he likes to go to parties and the mall.

Student Interview with Dahlia Williams

By: Imogen Cavill & Charli Lewis

  • How long have you been at Ockley?

“I came here in the beginning of seventh grade, so like a year and a half.”

  • Have you liked this school since you’ve been here?

“I liked it at first, but then it kinda like, turned into like, bad.”

  • Do you play sports? What are they?

“Yeah, I play soccer, and I do dance.”

  • What are some of your hobbies?

“I don't really have hobbies, but I do before-school dance.”

  • How would your friends describe you?

“My friends would describe me as amazing, smart, and happy and completely mediocre.”

  • What are some of your pet peeves?

“When people chew with their mouths open.”

  • If you could change one thing about school, what would it be? Why?

“I would switch out all the people except the ones that I like, because I got bored of them.”

  • What is your favorite food?

“I like Thai food.”

  • How do you stay organized? Does your planner help with that?

“I don't really stay organized, but I usually just remember where I put stuff, and then it works. No, I do not use my planner.”

  • If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Why?

“I want to live in either Seattle, or a nice place in New York City.”

  • How do you improve your grades when you need to?

“If I needed to improve my grades, I would probably just see what work I have to do, and then ask the teacher if i could make it up.”

  • Do you feel supported at school?

“I guess my friends are supportive.”

Get to Know Vanessa

By: Destany Bella-Martinez

Vanessa Guerrero is a 13-year-old middle school girl, born on November 5th, 2006, she has 3 siblings and her favorite subject is math. Her favorite sport is rugby, and her favorite thing to do is draw. She has an interest in sushi and she believes that she is not good at anything. She is most confident about math, she does not think that Ockley could make any changes in the system. In her future, she plans to be an actress.

Interview Fiona Garret

Fiona is in 7th grade and is 12 she is in theater. Her favorite show is Friends. She also wants to travel to Greece when she is older one place she has like that she has traveled to is Las Vegas. Her favorite food is sushi but she does not like brussel sprouts. Her favorite class is mock trial but she does not like Mr. Vento's class. She is a very good actor and has gotten big roles in plays such as Mulan. She is a very kind person and always thinks of others. She is also smart and funny. She is straight up when she has to and thinks of others. She encourages her friends when they get sad. Her best friends are Baxter, Carmela, Melanie and Saide. She is passionate in theater and other stuff.

the story of a pro gamer Judson

Judson is a 7th grader at Ockley Green. He is 13 years old. He does not know what he wants to be when he grows up yet. He likes to enjoy eating Cheez-its. He likes to play soccer with his friends, he likes biking, and gymnastics. His favorite video games are Rainbow Six Siege and Minecraft. His favorite subject at school is STEM. His favorite thing about school is the teachers. He has 1 sister and a cat named Darby. A place he really wants to visit is Mt Everest.

Interview: Mr. Tre

By Dametreon Streeter

As a class project I decided to ask some questions. "How's is SEI beneficial for kids?" Tre gave an honest and good answer and said "It helps kids find passion for things/support system." I asked Mr.Tre a total of 7 questions. "How's working at Ockley green?" Mr.Tre answered "Fun, but there's challenges and a school environment that's getting better." Heres some extra questions I asked. "What are your day-to-day responsibilities?" "Work, kids, But it's worth it." "What's your favorite part about working at Ockley green?" "The environment, and how everyone is here for a goal to help the kids" "What do you see as the most challenging aspect of this job?" "Dealing with all different personalities of students. "What is a typical day like at Ockley?" "Unpredictable, fun, tiring but worth it" "What is your greatest strength?" "Communication."

Meet Mr. Tharp!

Meet Mr.Tharp. He is a STEM teacher who has been a teacher for over 10 years. He has been teaching STEM for 4 years. He has also taught math and science. He does enjoy teaching stem, although sometimes his students can be difficult, but that is where the joy comes from. He has only taught at Ockley Green for about 3 years. He is mostly happy with the pay he gets, but wouldn't mind getting more. He loves to run and hang with his family.

Why is the symbol of OGMS a dragon?

by RJ/ Randall Voris

Lots and lots of schools have symbols of an animal that may not be its original color

Or two symbols like a penguin and an eagle as one symbol. It can also be a symbol of what the animal is like such as a tiger is strong and fast. But why is the symbol of Ockley Green Middle School a dragon?

To find out I had to interview Ms Stone, a counselor that has been at OGMS longer than most of the teachers and will ask her a few questions. To ask Why. When and how did Ockley Green Middle Schools mascot become a dragon?


  • Who decided it would be a dragon?

I am not actually sure who decided our mascot would be a dragon. I would guess that it was students.

  • When did it become a dragon?

I do not know whether or not we have always been the dragons; however, I know it has been the mascot for over 30 years.

  • What kind of dragon is it?

I did not know there were different kinds of dragons. I would say our dragon is the Ockley Green dragon.

  • Does it look the same every time it is drawn?

I think the dragon has evolved over the years. The current logo we have was created by Ms. Sheridan, I believe around three years ago.

  • How many times did it take to make the best picture?

We had an art contest among the students, to determine the type of dragon wings we would paint on the back of the portables. The entries were displayed and students were allowed to vote for their favorite. I did not vote for the wings that won. (Ms Stone )

the music program at ockley

By Thien Do

Music is something that has been taught at ockley since before (most of) the 8th graders came here. Our current music teacher is Mr L. he is teaching all periods and is teaching all types of kids. He is a very strict teacher but is also very kind. If anyone learn music from him he will help them learn

Our music program is a very simple music class program every period. Mr. l teaches 3 levels of band, drumming, and choir. he also teaches morning jazz and marching band. Mr L's main instrument is the alto sax and piano. When he teaches band classes he juggles around on what he plays.

Maker space

By: Clare Diskin, Alona Badon, and Destany Bella-Martinez

Maker space is three-day field trip to an informational field trip only for 7th graders you get to build/make things, me am on the rescue robots field trip in lake Oswego at the tech center, we are making a robot that will move and “rescue” some lego people other field trips include: pixel art, game design, Rube Goldberg machines, and more I think that the maker space field trips are fun especially because 8th graders leaving next year and 6th graders being new to the school they get to go on a lot more field trips than the 7th graders so it's a special treat that we get to go on a fun break from school. Paragraph by Clare Diskin.

I went to OMSI where you build Rube Goldberg machines. My team built a track that left a plastic water bottle up and a confetti launcher. It was very fun and hard. You learn how to use tools like a drill, saw and how to Sauter things. The Omsi people were super nice and helpful. And they let you crave stuff yourself and you build the stuff with a group of your choice if your teacher allowed you. You are also allowed to break stuff hot glue stuff together, drill and saw together. I will like the field trip I wish we could go every year. If you're in sixth grade I think you will enjoy it. Paragraph by Alona Badon.

I went to Omsi with Alona and built a rube Goldberg system. I had a lot of fun with my team’s build, we built a long track that led a metal ball to fall through a plastic dinosaur, then stops at a barbie staircase (wrapped with copper) that set off a disco ball to rise and hit a big red heavy plastic ball into a green crate, and flung a toy rat into a wooden crate. It only took us a day and a half to build it. We, later on, we added a lot of decorations. Paragraph by Destany.

pta events

Do you have tickets to our 2nd Annual Trivia Night & Raffle yet? It's March 13th at The Village Ballroom at 6pm. Time is running out and so are Trivia tickets! Only 30 Trivia player tickets remain so get yours now. Not interested in playing trivia but still want a fun night of music, food and fundraising? Plenty of General Admission tickets are still available. Dinner is included. Beer/Wine/Raffle Tickets are $5 each. $20 Envelope game with garaunteed $20-100 gift card inside-these always go fast! Raffle baskets include a fabulous date night package, Disneyland package with 7 Park hopper passes!!! (at least a $1200 value) and much much more-could be yours for $5!!!

Tickets are available here: https://ockleygreentrivianight.eventbrite.com

LGBTQ+ respect

By Shelby Lynne

The LGBTQ+ community is an important society here at Ockley Green Middle School, yet some people bully and make fun of them. Some LGBTQ+ people are scared to say that they are a part of the group because of the insults and bullying. I don't think they shouldn’t be afraid. I think that we should be nicer to their community. They shouldn’t be bullied because of their sexuality or who they like. If you don’t have anything nice to say about them, keep it to yourself! Nobody needs to be kicked down with mean words! We're all human!

Racism is Alive and Well at Ockley Green Middle School

By Anouk Cohen

The social structure we have at Ockley Green Middle School is one where groups are divided and teased uniquely based on their ethnicity. Kids use racial slurs on the daily, and the person who’s being offended isn’t allowed to take offense. It is expected that you forgive the person attacking so long as they say the standard, “I was only joking.” But words hurt, and have a long lasting impact.

Mock Trial and History Teacher, Chris Riser, or as we know him, Mr. Riser, shared that multiple kids of Asian decent have been teased for having the corona virus. The Wuhan coronavirus was first identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan in 2019. It started in Asia, but now affects 50 countries and over 80,000 people… Even though most people say they are just “joking”, it’s really implying that there is something “wrong” or “less than” about Asian people, and that only Asian people carry this disease.

Another term that is hurtful is the term “white washed”, which is being used towards anyone non-white who is well-behaved or doing well in school. Similar to being called a “try-hard”, which is also an active term at Ockley, implies that being well-behaved or doing well in school is wrong or bad, and only white students do those things. As 7th grader Quincy Scott says, the term “white washed” is frequently used by two people of color, one of which who tends not to behave, and one of which does. The person who tends to not behave as instructed calls the other person “white washed” for behaving as instructed, or doing well academically. Scott went on to say misbehaving is a tendency of the person’s personal life and situation, not related to the color of their skin. Students often act out and/or want to fit in a group, so they do it to look cool. But looking down on people trying to succeed only adds to the problem.

Racism is a form of bullying. Kids at Ockley continuously use terms to target kids, based on their ethnicity or race. Although students will say it was only a “joke” and nothing else, it still has a large effect on students. It’s the same kind of bullying that drives kids to feel depressed and isolated. Quincy Scott added how “people in the past have made fun of me for being mixed, as well as being taught to have good behavior. They’re intending that I should act out more because I was ‘dark’, even though I shouldn’t feel obligated to act differently because of my skin color.” Another 7th grader stated that “friends sometimes say these things as a joke, or just to tease the person.” While that statement may be true in some forms, the person “teasing” the other student doesn’t get to decide whether or not the person receiving the information gets to be offended. And if the statement is about someone’s ethnicity or some other feature they can’t change about themselves, it’s much more likely to be racist or discriminatory. We should all use language more carefully and think about how we would feel if it were said about us. Middle school is hard enough - we don’t need to attack one another for what makes us unique.

Schools need more funding

At Ockley Green Middle School we have a dance team in the morning with 17 students who love to dance. We also have a Sun School dance program in the afternoons, but our fundings are being cut and we have to combine morning dance team and sun school all in the morning, and instead of being able to have dance in the morning 3 times a week. Sun school is not getting the funding it needs. Some students don't have a place to go after school, their parents can't pick them up in time and it provides food, and a safe environment for kids to go to after school. If we don't get the proper funding kids might not be able to learn things that they want or participate in those activities that we would have if we had the proper funding.

Hallway Mess

By Madison Robbins

There is a tardy sweep the school just started this quarter. Most students believe the tardy sweeps are unfair and unnecessary. On top of that is the passing periods. They are 3 minutes long and there is a bell that goes off when there is one minute left. Getting one side of the building to the other is a struggle for students, when there are lots of other students and other obstacles. It would be great if the passing period was longer, but there are some downfalls. The issue is that the day would become longer. Some students wish the school day started later, although that would mean the day would end at a later time. If the passing period time was longer the day would be longer. Each period has to be a certain amount of time. My opinion is that we shouldn’t change the passing period time.



Teachers should do more about bullying. My experience with bullies has been bad, mainly because (some) staff did nothing about bullying. It kept on going, never stopped. This is why some staff need to do more about bullying, we need to stand up for victims of bullying. Remember, you are NOT alone!

High School Profiling

By Finn Chisholm

Many Ockley Green kids have to choose which High School to go to, and 2 of those High Schools are Jefferson and Roosevelt. Earlier this year all eighth-graders took trips to Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Benson, although many of the kids are choosing to go to Roosevelt because of the new renovation. A little over 900 kids go to Roosevelt and only a bit over 500 kids go to Jefferson, meaning there is a 300 student difference between them. Roosevelt recently got a remodel including 95,985 square feet of rehabilitation, 138,956 square feet of new construction, and 97,550 square feet of demolition, totaling out to 250,000 square feet. Versus Jefferson where they haven't had a renovation since most likely from around the ’60s.

But let's talk about the academics because obviously, Roosevelt is winning in construction. Roosevelt has a 73% graduation rate along with a 20% AP enrollment rate. Jefferson has an 82% graduation rate which is almost 10% more than Roosevelt but only with a 4% AP enrollment rate, but if you want to do sports then I recommend going to Jefferson. They are 19 out of 352 high schools for the top athletes in Oregon, unlike Roosevelt. They are 172 out of 352! So if you'd like to go to high school and enjoy athletics, go to Jefferson! Even though Jefferson has a bad reputation because of the building, it doesn't mean it's a bad school. Jefferson has 1 student less per teacher from how many fewer kids go there, plus less crowded hallways and classes. Roosevelt, on the other hand, has over 300 more students attending the school, though they have a bigger campus which may help distribute all the students.

Another plus of going to Roosevelt is you are more likely to be in a band class than Jefferson. They placed 2nd in the 2016 University of Portland Jazz Festival, which was 4 years ago which could result in the band advancing, meaning they got better over the past few years. If you are into dance I would recommend Jefferson, they have, hip hop, jazz, ballet, African, modern/contemporary, and tap classes. As well as Jefferson Dancers ll and the infamous Jefferson Dancers. To add to that Jefferson has the middle college for advanced studies. They offer health science/biotechnology, Jefferson dance, digital media/video productions and many other activities including sports. Students have the opportunity to take dual credit classes on the Jefferson campus by Jefferson teachers. On the PCC campus, students can take PCC courses, which prepares them for a 4-year college degree, as well as job-related fields, including, medical assisting, fire protection, and emergency management systems. All students that complete their high school diploma requirements and earn all 12 of their credits are eligible to earn a middle college diploma.

Overall both schools have great activities and classes, Roosevelt with the band program and Jefferson with the dance program. Jefferson has a high graduation rate, the middle college for advanced studies program, and dance program, but Roosevelt has state test averages, newly renovated building, and a great band program. If you would like to get prepared for a 4-year college degree and get a middle college diploma, go to Jefferson! Both schools give great opportunities to do things that you may or may not like to do. If they don't, you could easily find some kind of passion to do so! Otherwise, choose a school that you would like to go to.

Trump: How he divided AMerica

Trump has done a lot of wrong, from not being able to spell to blaming everything on the democrats. Trump claims that America is full but were actually not, we need more immigrants but thanks to Trump's wall we aren't getting the workers we need. How can we support a president who has openly committed treason live on TV. He was on TV with Vladimir Putin. Vladimir Putin gave Trump a soccer ball which may not seem like a big deal but presidents are not allowed to accept gifts from foreign governments unless it helps america. Trump shutdown the government kicking out tons of old people and senior citizens because democrats wouldn't fund trump's wall, he was later forced to re-open the white house and rest of the government because of how many people were outraged with him.

Ukraine was going to war with Russia and ask Trump for supplies. Trump made a deal that if the president of Ukraine dug up on a presidential candidate then he would send them the supplies. Trump is openly racist, his very first speech he called Mexicans drug dealers and rapists, when he was called out for being racist he said that he has a black friend which means he can't be racist. Out of nowhere he bombed Iran killing the general which to be fair he was a horrible person but he showed no threat that we can find, by killing the general he almost started World War 3.

Whats Going on With Politics?

By Caitlin Bice

What exactly is going on in politics right now? In a nutshell, a lot. Between getting ready for the 2020 election later this year, and dealing with our president right now, America is going a bit crazy. So, let's start with our ''now '' president, Donald Trump. After the impeachment trial that started in late December 2019, Trump hasn't been doing many big things. The biggest things that have happened are the Coronavirus from China and him going to India.

But currently, the main thing with politics is choosing democrat and republican final candidates for the 2020 Presidential Election. This February we saw 4 states do their caucuses, which is where political parties vote for their main candidates, with more voting this March. A specific important date will be Super Tuesday, or March 3rd, where 14 states will hold their caucuses. This includes California, which has the most delegates in the country, and Texas with the third most. Other states are holding their caucuses after that, with the last happening in June. However, by the end of March, we will have had over 50% of the country's delegates voted already, making these two months very important.

Words to know

Caucus: Where people vote for who they want to run for their party in the election

Democrat: one of the leading political parties

Republican: another leading political party

Impeachment: What we do when someone in a leading position does something illegal

Delegates: The people chosen by a state to represent their state


By Matais Logan

I know we have a robotics class here at Ockley Green but, it does not have a lot of money so we can do some more advanced things, for instance, a beginning an intermediate and advanced class for different skill levels. I would also like it if there would be more advanced equipment for those high-level classes. Also, does make it where more kids who have already taken this class would like to take the more advanced levels so they are not so bored doing the same thing over and over again. That is why I think that the robotics class needs more money for all the kids who need this kind of hands-on elective and not be bored redoing all the things they already learned.

Bathroom pass policy

By Oliver

In Ockley Green middle school to use the bathroom, we have had to use are bathroom passes and we only have 3 per quarter per class which means we can only use the bathroom 12 times a year a class and if your someone who is sick or just you really need to go to the bathroom then you can't use the bathroom if you don't have any bathroom passes and on top of all that we get rewarded for not using the bathroom we get on onpoints which you can bid on at the auction that happens 4 times a year, and using that bathroom is something that everyone has to do to. I get why they have a policy where only one kid can go to the bathroom at a time but I don't think that we should have a limit on how much we use the bathroom or just be able to use the bathroom once a class or something.

Tech of the future: Cameras

By Samuel Roy

As we all know tech has dominated our world for around fifteen years, and we have no ideas about when it will let up. But there are clues and insight from specialists and corporations that let us in on their designs in the foreseeable future. Cameras and phones already have exceptional lenses, and can produce realistic photos, and the quality makes things seem as if things couldn’t get any better, while this is obviously incorrect, our technological advancements are incredible. But here are some changes coming to cameras.

In the article,” Future Camera Technological Advancements,” by Kyle Schurman, it states,” Cameras of the future may no longer require a shutter button. Instead, photographers could wink or use a voice command to tell the camera to record an image. It could work similarly to a hands-free cell phone, where you can issue commands without the need to push a button.” For most people, this is just downright scary. The companies tested with building future computer cameras and image processors say the soon to come cameras will have more efficient video compression for high frame-rate 4K, 8K and live streaming, as well as more noise reduction. It will also contain advanced image stitching. Unlike phones, camera’s are getting smaller Kyle Schurman says agrees and says,” ultra-compact camera is generally defined as one that measures one inch or less in thickness. Such small cameras are great because they easily fit in a pants pocket or a purse.”

But a photographer Nasim Mansurov exclaims,” I strongly believe that it is a matter of time before point and shoot cameras with small sensors completely disappear.” They believe that photos and pictures are dominated by social media, companies and major corporations will start to make devices where you could take a high-quality photo with ease, and it would be quick and easy to upload to your social media. Unlike a smartphone, these would have more adjustable options, where the possibility of a better photo is inevitable. These would be major advancements and improvements to our technological world now.

Ockley Green Middle School What is newspaper class?

By RJ/Randall Voris

Newspaper class is only one period of the day and students make articles such as this one. There are many different topics. Community news/any necessary news happening. Spotlight/interview. Sports. Art. opinion and Entertainment/fun and friendly news.

Morning announcements are videos taken every day of school and will be shown every morning for advisory and will talk about close by events.

Ms. Kate and Mr. Wes are the amazing teachers that helps the students brainstorm and publish new articles.

Ms Kate is the leading teacher for newspaper class and Mr Wes will be the leading teacher for language arts.

Sometimes a photographer will come on Thursdays and the students will learn how to take pictures for their articles.

Should we have a therapy dog?

by RJ/ Randall Voris

People feel better if an animal is by them and will interact with them until they stop worrying about their problems. All kinds of schools have a therapy dog. But why doesn't OGMS have one? I say, WHY NOT?! I am hoping that we will have one soon! I put my dog through the training, and I just need to let Ms. Howard know that he is ready to try it out!


  • Can make people happy!

  • Can learn the responsibilities of having a dog! Community!

  • Therapy dogs can be very helpful in offering a chance for non-judgemental buddy reading and conversation. Also as a ‘neutral’ party for conflict resolution between students. (Ms. Trotter!)

  • Luke would want one


  • They're messy!

  • Not everybody likes dogs

  • Can get hurt!


By Oliver

The auction happens 4 times a year so pretty much once a quarter. You need on points to participate in the auction. To earn onpoints you have to do something good, like finishing or getting a good grade on a quiz or something. At the auction you bid on prizes, and whoever has the most onpoints wins the item. You can win prizes like food, speakers, balls, partys, and more. The whole auction takes about 45min- 1 hour. At the end you can get things like cup-a-noodles and pizza for 20 onpoints.