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Bayyari Elementary School Newsletter, Springdale, AR

2020-2021, Issue 3, September 12, 2020

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2nd-5th Grades MAP Math Test

Monday, Sep. 14th, 8:15am

Bayyari Elementary

2nd-5th graders will take their MAP Math test on Monday/Tuesday. Please make sure your child is at school on time and well rested. If they are a blended students, please make sure their device is charged.

2nd-5th Grades MAP Reading Test

Wednesday, Sep. 16th, 8:15am

Bayyari Elementary

2nd-5th graders will take their MAP Reading test on Wednesday/Thursday. Please make sure your child is at school on time and well rested. If they are a blended students, please make sure their device is charged.

MAP Testing is This Week!

MAP Growth is a computer-adaptive test. If your child answers a question correctly, the next question is more challenging. If they answer incorrectly, the next one is easier. This type of assessment challenges top performers without overwhelming students whose skills are below grade level.

The MAP Growth tests include multiple choice, drag and drop, and other types of questions. For sample tests, visit

MAP Growth uses a RIT scale to accurately measure what students know, regardless of their grade level. It also measures growth over time. Teachers use this information to inform instruction, personalize learning, and monitor growth of individual students.

We take MAP Growth Math and Reading tests three times a year in kindergarten-fifth grades. We do a fall, winter, and spring administration of the test.

Mrs. Johnson's Journaling

The past three weeks have been wonderful! Our students and teachers have been smiling under their masks all day and have really enjoyed being back together again. Thank you, parents, for all of your support as we have gotten school started. Student-Parent-Teacher conferences are coming up in the next few weeks, September 21st-22nd. These will of course look different this year, but we cannot wait to visit with you about what your students have been learning. This year we will be meeting with you via a phone call or zoom meeting, whichever you prefer. We regret that we cannot meet in person, but at this time we feel it is safer to not have many people entering and leaving the school in masses. If you need a translator, we will still be providing those services the best we can with 3-way calling or by inviting the translator to the zoom meeting. Please let us know that you need translation services when you fill out your time request paper for your meeting. These papers should be going home now with your students. We all know that we are better together and can't wait to be even better partners with you in regards to your child's education.

As always, we are here to help! Please contact us at (479)750-8760 or email us at

Mrs. Johnson

Nurse's Update

Bayyari Parents of DTSOI virtaul students:

If you would like to have your child screened for vision and hearing, you can call (479) 750-8760 or email Nurse Alicia and schedule an appointment.

Is your student doing blended learning? Please see the video below.

Blended Learning: How to access your work from home

School Breakfast and Lunch Menus

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Counselor's Corner

Is Outdoor Playtime Really Important?

According to the article “Kids Should Spend at Least Three Hours Outside Every Day,” located in Red Tricycle at, Experts state that outdoor playtime is actually extremely important to the health and well being of your child. According to experts, they recommend at least 3 hours of playtime outside a day (this can include recess at school). This helps our children get away from technology for a while and be kids. The article suggests that active movement (not counting organized sports) increases emotional stability, creativity and even academic success. It is hard with busy families to sometimes squeeze this into their busy schedules, however it's recommended that you try to find as much time as possible. Free play is the best form of outside activity for children not structured.This helps them get creative and think outside the box. This creativity even goes a long way academically. So put down the screen and head outside for some fun in the sun.

Upcoming Dates


14th - 15th - 2nd - 5th Grades MAP Math Test

16th - 17th - 2nd - 5th Grades MAP Reading Test

21st - 22nd - Kindergarten - 1st Grades MAP Math Test

23rd - 24th - Kindergarten - 1st Grade MAP Reading Test

21st - 22nd - Parent Teacher Conferences 4pm - 7pm (done via phone call or zoom meeting)

23rd - 25th - Parent Teacher Conferences (done via phone call or zoom meeting)

28th - 30th - K-5 MAP Make up Testing


5th - Virtual State of the School Address - 5 pm

7th - Flu Clinic

8th - Picture Day

9th - Picture Day

19th - End of 1st Quarter