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Week of May 16, 2016

Principal's Message

There are only 13 more days left of school with our students! I cannot believe how quickly this year has flown by. Although the countdown has begun, let's work together to maintain a climate of teaching and learning until the very last day. During these last weeks, students begin to lose focus. It is up to us to hold them accountable. Hold students accountable by assigning grades, homework and planning engaging activities. Passing periods during this time of the year can be a challenge because students want to congregate outside and socialize with their friends. Teachers and staff please help by standing at your door during passing periods to make sure everyone makes it to class on time. Eighth graders have speakers lined up during second/sixth period every day this week. This disruption to their normal routine can definitely get them off task. Please help by ensuring they stay busy before and after their planned activities this week and remind them that these activities are privileges and therefore can be taken away. Let's work together to ensure we end the year strong.

In Partnership,

Lorena Hernandez

TEI Roster Verification

TEI Roster Verification (TRV) is available through MyData Portal. Teachers must submit rosters by 5:00 p.m. on May 25.

Did you know?

  • TRV is the teacher’s only opportunity for teachers to ensure the rosters accurately reflect the students they taught during the school year.
  • Students are eligible for inclusion in a teacher’s TEI achievement metrics based on their scheduling and attendance with the teacher.
  • You can also sign up for an open lab session or a one-on-one telephone support call with OIR staff if you have questions about your rosters.
  • NOTE: If you are not a teacher of record or your students do not take district, state, or national assessments, you will not have rosters to verify.

Click here to log into MyData Portal and access your rosters and training materials.

2016-2017 Contract Dissemination for Eligible Employees

Human Capital Management has issued contracts for the 2016-2017 school year. Contract-eligible employees can now access their contract via Oracle Employee Self Service.

  • Depending upon an employee’s certification and length of service in a contract-eligible position, the contract will be either an Educator Probationary or Educator Term contract.
  • Contract acceptance occurs by electronic signature within Oracle Employee Self Service.
  • Employees will have two weeks to accept the contract offer. The deadline to accept the 2016-2017 contract is May 25, 2016.
  • Please review the contract fully and contact


    if you have any questions about your contract or employee data.
  • According to the Texas Education Code, contract-eligible employees wishing to resign must do so 45 days before the first instructional day of the school year. The last day to resign prior to the 2016-2017 school year is July 08, 2016.

Need instructions on how to log into Oracle to accept your contract? Want to see a list of contract-eligible positions? Visit the contracts home page at



Free Jeans Pass

The climate survey will be open until the end of this week. If I have your entire department's survey confirmation, then you can enjoy jeans for the rest of the year! As of Friday evening we were at 67% complete. Thank you to everyone that has already completed the survey. Your feedback is appreciated.

Department Chair Meeting

We will meet this Monday at 3:45 in the conference room. Please bring your completed department's needs assessment.

Closeout Checklist

You will be receiving an end of year closeout checklist by the end of this week. All items must be completed and initialed by the indicated personnel before you leave for the summer on June 3. Please note: you will have almost two weeks to complete this, do not send students around to retrieve signatures during class time. Signatures will only be signed before school, afterschool, and during scheduled planning periods.

End of Year Luncheon

Our end of year luncheon will take place at Uncle Julio's on June 3rd at 12:00 PM. The luncheon will be complimentary for all staff. This luncheon includes end of year celebrations and recognitions and it is important that all staff is in attendance.



Our vision is to create a nationally recognized academy of 21st century learners equipped with the necessary academic and social skills to make a positive impact in an evolving global society.


Our mission is to empower Henry W. Longfellow learners to excel in an evolving society through a challenging academic and collaborative environment that includes specialized courses, leadership development, enhancement of critical thinking skills, and career exploration.

Commitment Statements by Department

As ELAR educators we commit to:

  • Reading complex text;

  • Incorporating strategies that prompt critical thinking;

  • Student generated questioning;

  • Having students reference quotes in writing;

  • Giving students multiple opportunities to respond to text orally and written; and

  • Effective annotation strategies according to genres.

As MATH educators, we commit to:

  • effective facilitation in a student-centered classroom;

  • more student-led discussions;

  • Bloom’s Taxonomy and higher order questioning;

  • students creating math problems;

  • the discussion of essential questions;

  • multiple representations of both problems and solutions, multiple response strategies, and student voice; and

  • connect to interdisciplinary courses (real-life application).

As SCIENCE educators, we commit to:

  • providing a safe space where students can make mistakes, ask questions, challenge existing ideas, develop new ideas, and critique explanations and solutions; and

  • giving students opportunities to learn in different ways including student-driven instruction, labs, exploration, research, modeling activities, and connecting learning to pre-existing knowledge.

As SOCIAL STUDIES educators, we commit to:

  • an environment of collaboration, challenge, and relevancy through passionate instruction;

  • fostering discussion; and engaging students with meaningful dialogue candidly relating to real-world experiences.

Field Day!

A special thanks goes out to Ms. Riggins and her committee for organizing a very successful Field Day event and to all of our teachers and staff for your contributions and participation. I know we all had a great time. Who knew exercise could be so much fun? Well done everyone!

LCC Brings Home Another Trophy

For the third time this year, our LCC Cadets under Sergeant Patterson's leadership, have competed and have brought home a trophy. Held at Segoville Middle School, our LCC Cadets placed 2nd in the Armed Exhibition Drill.

Important Dates to Remember

May 16

Department Chair Meeting

May 17

Happy Birthday Mr. Bruno!

May 20

8th Grade Picnic

8th Grade Ball 7PM-11PM

Coming Soon!

May 10-25

TEI Roster Verification Window

May 16-20

8th Grade Week

May 20

8th Grade Ball

May 25

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

TEI Roster Verification Deadline

Last Day to Sign Contracts

May 27

6th,7th grade Awards

May 31

8th Grade Awards

June 2

Last Day for Students

June 3

End of Year Luncheon

July 8

Last Day to Resign from the District without Penalty

May Birthdays

Joseph Bruno- 17

Connie Simone- 24

Charlotte Hutson-24


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