Middle School Tech Tips

May 2016

Important Information about your Google Account and Documents!

As we are all getting ready to close out for the year, there are a few things you should be aware of if you are working in your Google Drive. The first is file ownership, and the second is making a personal copy of your work documents.

File Ownership

When you create a doc or a folder under your school account, your email address (annetteclark@apps.sheldonisd.com) is the account that document or folder is in. Consider this if you are working in shared folders with colleagues. If you change grade levels, departments, or campuses, you may not need a certain shared folder or document anymore. In this case, if you are the owner of the folder or doc, you should change ownership to someone who should keep it. Then, you can remove yourself from the sharing settings instead of deleting the whole folder. See the video below for further explanation.
Transferring Google Folder/Document Ownership

Personal Copy of Work Documents

A while back we learned about downloading your Drive to your desktop as a way to backup your work and have offline access to it. However, those documents in your Drive (both online and on your desktop) are still connected to your Sheldon address (annetteclark@apps.sheldonisd.com). If you want to keep a personal copy of all of your work, you should follow the steps in the video below. If your Sheldon account were to become deactivated, you may not be able to access your documents. Watch the video below for a demonstration on Google Takeout - a great tool that will let you create a personal archive of all of your work.
Google Takeout - Transfer Your Docs to a Personal Account

Google Takeout

To access Google Takeout use this URL while logged into your Google Chrome web browser: takeout.google.com/settings/takeout

Annette Clark, M. Ed

Digital Learning Coach