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News & Notes - December Edition

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Upcoming Events for January

HABIT OF THE MONTH: "Seek first to understand, then to be understood"

Mark your calendars with these important dates/events:

January 4 - Teacher Work Day

January 6 - PBIS Assembly @ 8:20 AM, PTO @ 5:30 PM

January 8 - BLT Committee @ 7:15-7:45 AM

January 11 - Tech Committee meeting @ 7AM (HS LIBRARY), PD over Next Generation Science Standards 7:45-9:30AM, School Board Meeting 6:30 PM

January 12 - IPI Day

January 15 - PBIS Comittee @ 7:15-7:45 AM, End of 1st Semester/2nd quarter

January 18 - Teacher Work Day - Report Cards, Lighthouse Committee @ 8-8:45 AM

January 19 - Begin FAST aReading this week in computers class

January 20 - New TeacherMentoring Meeting @ 3:45 PM, SIAC Committee Meeting @ 5-6 PM

January 25 - PLC collaboration 7:45-9:30AM, DLT gone all day

January 29 - Trojan Tromp & Pride Table

building academic goal: by spring 2016, 100% of our students will be either proficient or growing at the expected rate on the fast assessment

Professional Development Corner

Please look here each newsletter for some great videos from the Teaching Channel. Take a look and see if you can add it to your repertoire of great strategies. This month's video focuses on our next semester's PD (Next Generation Science Standards) - enjoy!

Orange Pride Classroom of the Month: 4B

Congratulations to Mrs. Busick's 4th graders for being selected by some of our staff as the best at modeling our Orange Pride expectations - Be Responsible, Be Respectful, Be Safe. These students have earned the privilege of 5 minutes of extra recess for the month of December and to read the morning announcements. Way to go, kids!
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Hattie Research - Infographic

I hope that in your PLC time this year, you have had some productive conversations around John Hattie's research. In BLT committee times, we spend a little bit of time discussing these and the appropriate things we should be doing. And as you've probably noticed, we do a lot of things the right way here at Pleasantville, but you've likely also discovered there are probably some things we can get better at as well.

Pictured below is an infographic showing some of the basic results of his 25 years of research findings around what works in helping kids learn. Everything above .40 ("the hinge point") should be strongly considered, BUT just because it's below doesn't mean it doesn't help (ex: homework, it helps but doesn't have major positive effects). Only those in red/negative numbers have detrimental effects.

As we wind up our quick snapshot of his work this year, keep the thought in mind that there are 30 things we CAN CONTROL that can help overcome the effects beyond our control (like poverty, home life).

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