Soaring Eagles

The story of how the Native American's were treated

How has the Native American’s culture, history, and daily life been affected by European migration into the Americas

The Native Americans lived on this land and the Europeans started to explore west and bumped into America. They eventually over time took over the land that The Native Americans once had and removed them from Georgia and they were put on the Trail of Tears where many of them died being transported to Oklahoma

Sitting Bull, Geronimo, Tecumseh

Have the Native Americans kept their culture alive?

They have basically separated themselves from the white people And have areas just for the Native American people. They have continued to practice their beliefs today.

Manifest Destiny

Manifest Destiny was the expansion of America. How did it effect the Native Americans though? Well the Americans expanded west which resulted in moving The Native Americans from their lands too.

The French and Indian War

This is what the americans called it, but it was actually the 7 Years War. It was between the British Americans and the French. It was called the French and Indian War, because the Naive Americans sided with the French ,therefore some Native Americans Died in the war from fighting.