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Resources for Every Learning Environment

KET provides thousands of free, easily accessible, online videos, interactives, images, ancillary materials, and more for teachers, students, and parents. We also provide many on-site and online professional development opportunities. To learn more about using KET resources in your classroom, contact your KET Education Consultant.
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Where to Go

Find quick access to all of our education resources, updates, and more on the KET Education homepage. KET EncycloMedia consists of Discovery Education, PBS LearningMedia, and KET ED On Demand. These repositories provide resources across all content areas and are readily available to enhance every learning experience.

KET Exploraciones

Exploraciones is a collection of resources for teaching Spanish in the elementary grades. The collection includes the ¡Arte y más! video series, which is designed to take students with no prior experience in Spanish from the novice-low to novice-mid level as defined by the Kentucky World Language Proficiency Standards. The collection also includes themed units featuring a variety of video segments, animations, lesson plans, activity ideas, and other materials for teaching students at the novice-mid to novice-high level.

Everyday Learning

Everyday Learning uses original animation and wonderful, visual images to introduce basic concepts of math, science, and health to the youngest learners.
  • Everyday Science for Preschoolers
  • Everyday Math for Preschoolers
  • Healthy Me
  • All Around Me
  • Art to Heart


KET's Healthy Me app is free!

This game from KET has two challenges – hand washing and teeth brushing. In the first challenge, young learners have 30 seconds to scrub all the dirt off of some pretty filthy hands. In the second challenge, children have two minutes to brush through layers of food and grime until the teeth sparkle.

PBS Kids also provides some great apps for early childhood, including apps from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Sid the Science Kid, Curious George, Cat in the Hat, Super Why and MORE.

Little Rabbits

Little Rabbits is a new beautifully illustrated FREE iBook that is adapted from a Chinese folktale.
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More from PBS LearningMedia

  • Between the Lions - Here are segments selected from Between the Lions, the series that helps kids "Get Wild About Reading!" This special collection provides a set of early Reading/Language Arts resources on Teachers' Domain. To see more from Between the Lions, pounce
  • Caillou - Through these video clips, full episodes and lesson plans, Caillou shares his engaging, imaginative creations with his preschool viewing audience.
  • Gone Readin' - Explore this collection that features video, lesson plans, and interactive games from programs like MARTHA SPEAKS, Poetry Everywhere, The Electric Company, and Shakespeare Uncovered!
  • Thomas and Friends - The learning goals of this collection are related to social and emotional interactions, self-efficacy and problem solving.
  • Makers - Teachers can use the collection, which is categorized into design, how to (DIY), arts and crafts, robotics, and engineering subtopics, in conjunction with hands-on activities to further this initiative. Like the Maker Party, this collection is designed to encourage hands-on engagement in science, technology, engineering, math, and the arts. (NOTE: Preschool resources in all categories except for engineering/robotics.)

  • Kids in Motion - This collection includes over 50 videos and lessons covering a wide variety of curriculum including, Math, English Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education and The Arts.

  • Sid the Science Kid - Help your students think, talk, and work like scientists do with activities that explore "Science Tools" with the Science Adventures curriculum. Students will learn about some of the tools that scientists use including magnifiers, charts, measuring tools, and science journals.

  • Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood - To help boost social and emotional skills among preschoolers, each episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood consists of two engaging stories that center on a common early learning theme with catchy, musical strategies that reinforce each theme and that preschoolers and adults will both sing – and use! – together in their daily lives. Included are articles written by Fred Rogers about common family concerns.

  • Super Why! - Make reading an empowering adventure by using these interactive literacy games that need YOU to play.

  • Dinosaur Train- This collection sparks children's interest in life science and natural history. As they explore a variety of animals, children develop the inquiry skills and knowledge needed to help them think, talk and act like paleontologists.

  • The Electric Company - There are many media assets from this popular PBS program within PBS LearningMedia. The show aims to entertain children between 6 and 9 while simultaneously teaching the following four crucial areas of literacy that are challenging for struggling readers: Decoding; Vocabulary; Comprehension and connected text; and Motivation.

KET Arts Toolkit

Teaching history and culture through the arts is an excellent way to keep your students engaged. The KET Arts Toolkit provides cross-curricular connections in the many lesson plans that accompany the four toolkits (one for each arts discipline). See your library media specialist to locate these toolkits in your school. LATEST NEWS! The CD-ROMs from the Music and Dance Toolkits are now available online at the Arts Toolkit web site.
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