Mrs. Poliszczuk's First Grade Class

weekly update

February 5, 2016

Leaving school last Thursday, I had no idea that would be the beginning of a 10 day "snowcation". So much snow! I hope the boys and girls had fun! The groundhog did not see his shadow though, so it looks like we will have an early spring. :)

I can't believe we are almost to our 100th day of school! The boys and girls are so excited for Tuesday! Thank you for all of your help in preparing for this fun day.

We began a new reading unit and essential question, "How are animals unique?" Students read Bats! Bats! Bats! and Busy as a Bee and took notes to identify what makes those animals unique. Students then formed an opinion on which animal is more unique and supported their opinion with evidence from the text.

In phonics, students practiced reading and writing words with the long vowel a sound spelled a, ai and ay. Students also learned the past-tense verbs was and were and practiced using them correctly in sentences.

Students are having a blast in our new math unit, "Measurement". Students used non-standard units (cubes, tiles, paper clips) to measure classroom items. Students also completed an activity called "Measuring Keepers". In this activity, students had to use inch tiles to measure a variety of fish. Students then had to decide if the fish were "keepers" based on their measurement, or if in real life, their fish would have to be placed back in the water. Students learned they needed to measure edge to edge in a straight line in order to get the most accurate measurement.

In Social Studies, students identified ways they could "go green" by recycling and conserving water. Students also identified natural and human resources needed in the production of things such as crayons, guitars and fortune cookies.

100th Day of School and Valentine's Day

Friendly Reminders

Tuesday is our 100th Day of School Celebration! Students may dress up as a 100 year old. (I can't wait to see them!) There are many ideas on the internet and Pinterest. Some ideas for the girls are long skirts, dresses, shawls, scarves, purses, pearls, fake glasses, knee socks. For the boys: suspenders, flannel shirt, dress shirt, bow tie, tie, fake glasses. Students may wear a wig or use grey spray in their hair for the celebration.

Also, students will exchange valentines on Friday, 2/12.

Our Twins, Camdyn and Hayley

Bridget, Camdyn, Maggie and Aaron are practicing sight words in "word work". Dominic is enjoying a book in "read to self" and Victor John is completing a list of things to do in winter in "work on writing".