Update from Annie Hawker

Teacher Leadership Instructional Specialist

It has been a busy summer!

Here's what's been going on:

  • Evidence Based Reporting Training @ the High School
  • Writing Curriculum Camp with elementary Instructional Coach and all teachers K-4th grade
  • Reading/Writing Curriculum Camp with Middle School Instructional Coach and Language Arts Teachers
  • EBR planning meetings at the high school with Matt Thede---new phase roll out
  • Grant Wood Literacy Symposium
  • Benton EdCamp
  • Meetings with principals and Dr. Batenhorst
  • Great conversations with teachers debriefing/following up after powerful professional development they have attended
  • Conversations with teachers in regards to EBR and Standards
  • Lots and lots of reading!
  • Thank you to those willing to meet/work this summer!

Teacher Leadership Instructional Specialist Job Description & Roles from Dr. Batenhorst

What I will be doing this year...

Your 2018-2019 District Teacher Leadership Team (TLC Grant Leaders)

A few books read this summer:

You are ALWAYS welcome to borrow books!

If you have a great read. Please share. My hope is to learn along side you all this year!

Marzano Training

Monday, Aug. 20th, 9am-4pm

Mount Vernon High School Library

First Day of School

Thursday, Aug. 23rd, 8am-1pm

Mount Vernon Community School District, IA, USA


Teacher Leadership Instructional Specialist

Curriculum leader, instructional coach facilitator, teacher leadership supervisor, EBR communicator, instruction & assessment professional developer, Comprehensive Intervention Model strategies supporter