By Alberto Rodriguez

The Meaning of a Myth

Many people mistake the word myth to mean fiction, but what a myth actually is away how early people tried to explain how everything came to be, where sickness and death come from, or how eventually everything will just go away.

The Beginning

Some myths told of not only the appearance of Earth, but also the animals, plants and the people. For example a Polynesian myth told of a supreme god named lo separated the darkness and waters then created the Earth and sky saying " Let the waters be separated, let the heavens be formed, let the Earth be."

Human Imperfection

Other myths told of why human nature was not perfect and why people die. For example in Greek legend Pandora's Box Prometheus stole fire gave it to the humans and was punished by being given a woman from Zeus with a box then she opened and released all kinds of evil and misery into the world.

The End

Myths also can in tell of the end of the Earth, though some tell mostly the end of humanity with some survivors. If the myths do tell of the end of the Earth some will say that the Earth will be reborn in a cycle. For example according to Aztec tradition the Earth has been reborn four times.

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