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It's SNOW MUCH fun!

Do you need support skiing through the MANY resources in Eduphoria? Have questions about the 5E Model or how to differentiate your science instruction? Are you feeling overwhelmed with the blizzard of choices in StemScopes? See the Science Facilitator Menu below to choose support that will help you bundle up for the winter! Let's plan together!!

Let's Build a Snowman

Please feel free to email ( or click here to schedule an appointment.

Remember, Flex Days are available for me to provide additional opportunities to meet with you or lend a hand during science.

Sledding by your Campus:

Upcoming visits:

  • Monday 1/25- Office
  • Tuesday 1/26- Rockbrook
  • Wednesday 1/27 Flex (Scheduled appointments)
  • Thursday 1/28 Southridge
  • Friday 1/29 Valley Ridge

Look at the schedule below to see when my next visit this winter will be!

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Science Facilitator Menu

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Brrrr... it's COLD outside!!

Slide into your EARTH/SPACE topics with ease!

Recently, the "SCIENCE SQUAD" hosted a workshop for this unit, for each grade level. Let us guide you in elevating the science engagement & student thinking in your classroom. If there is something you would like to see that's not on the menu, be sure to let me know. I am here to support you!

WARNING! Icy roads ahead -- planning and working together is the best way to make it down the pacing guide mountain!!

Opportunities for future professional development:

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Digital Travel Essentials

Sliding into Science with Literature

Did you know that good books can serve as the perfect hook to Engage your students or provide an explanation for the science concepts they are investigating? STEMscopes has a list of suggested books broken down by grade level and TEK. Check out the Teacher's Toolkit in STEMscopes or email me for a brief "how to".

Science Store Information

Don't forget, the Science Store delivers! Make sure you allow enough time to have the items delivered to your campus (anywhere between one-two weeks). You can locate the catalog in Eduphoria in the section labeled "Science Store." After you find what you need, simply email them at If you need your items sooner, you can visit the store directly Monday-Thursday from 3-5 PM. Right off 121/Fish Hatchery Rd.

COMING SOON!! A New and IMPROVED catalog with pictures! Janice is working hard to purchase new materials and we want to ENHANCE what is made available to you!

Corry Thompson- Central Zone (Elementary Science Learning Facilitator)

I have been an educator for 14 years, with 11 years of experience through our wonderful LISD district. I have been fortunate to provide support for science through many roles as a curriculum writer, presenter, and campus leader. I have presented at many conferences and served as a SMART Exemplary Educator & recently becoming an Apple Vanguard Coach. I am passionate about student learning and supporting the needs of all learners. My favorite aspect of science is the natural curiosity and excitement in students learning. As a life-long learner, myself, I am dedicated to supporting & assisting others to develop their own expertise in science.