Onondaga Lake Park💙

By: Lauren 75 and Jada 69

The Park

Onondaga Lake Park includes the Salt Museum and a replica of the Jesuit mission called Sainte Marie among the Iroquois. This a picture of the lake. As you tell the lake is very dark blue and polluted. But the lake is a very pretty place to be.

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The Facts

- Located in central New York, on the edge of the city of Syracuse.

- About 1 mile wide and 4 and 1 half miles long.

- A drainage basin (watershed) is about 233 square miles.

- Average depth 36 feet; maximum depth 65 feet.

- It flows north to Lake Ontario via the Seneca River

- Under the leadership of the Onadoga Lake Partnership, civic and government leaders are working with the public to develop a shared vision for the lake and how it should be used.

Onondaga Lake Park

All about the lake

Onondaga lake has been called one of the most polluted lake in the country, but it wasn't always this way. In the late 1800's the lake was known for exceptional fishing,boating,swimming and the grand resorts on its shores. This is the story of how Onondaga lake went from public treasure to dumping ground in just 100 years,and how today it has shown resurgence to its former glory

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This is a picture of a marina in Liverpool of the lake.
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Our Experience at the park

The park was very peaceful when we went. Many people were walking and running it was just a wonderful place to be! I would definitely recommend going if you have never been there. Its a wonderful place to be, kids could play on the swing set and ride bikes with there parents!