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Pre K One Newsletter

Last Week's Thanksgiving Activities

Better late than never.....last week was a short week but we did so many neat things and their are lots of great pictures so I decided to do a quick newsletter covering last week.

  • We played Thanksgiving I spy
  • We had turkey feather matching with numbers and dots
  • We basted coffee filters like it was a Turkey
  • We used a hot air popcorn maker to make popcorn
  • We made homemade butter which we used on the popcorn :)
  • We had a feast with family and friends (Pre k 1 & 2 decorated the tables for the feast)

Did you know....

  • Our class size is growing! A lot of our next door neighbors are starting to move up. When we get a new student I'll try and post in the Newsletter
  • When asked what are you thankful for almost every child's answer could be covered by stating FAMILY! They love you oh so very much <3
  • Dec 9th at 10:45am we will see a performance "The Gingerbread Boy"
  • This week we will start a food drive in our class the 3 main items need are Tuna, Peanut butter and Mac and cheese. Anything helps, every little bit adds up!