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Drafting Concepts is the Best Choice for Drafting Services Brisbane


Drafting Concepts is the Best Choice for Drafting Services Brisbane

Brisbane, AUS, (January 1, 2014) – Drafting Concepts – Creating Dreams by Design is the drafting services Brisbane families and businesses depend on. Their wide range of services ensures that those building new structures get the building they expect when they decide on their plans.

Drafting Concepts provides an array of services that include:

Design and drafting;

Onsite measuring

Carport building approval assistance; and

Specialty drafting and unique projects.

In fact, there is no design or drafting services Brisbane residents require that Drafting Concepts cannot provide to help improve the building experience for their clients.

When a client walks into a design/drafting office, generally all they get is a set of plans. Most of the time, a client has no idea what to do next; all an ordinary drafting office does is send them on their way with a note to see a Certifier or Council.

Building your own house is a huge undertaking requiring a long list of steps, including: submitting applications, organizing consultants, getting quotes, and making countless choices on almost everything from windows to the color of the guttering. This all goes into your home before you even get to a building contract.

Drafting Concepts is focused on making the task of building easier and a much more pleasant experience for their clients. Even their technology is focused on this effort. Drafting Concepts uses various forms of software from CAD (computer aided design) to engineer-based programs.

Among their services are new houses, extensions, alterations and renovations. Drafting Concepts also caters to those who have received “Show Cause Notices,” where Council have issued a notice to rectify or obtain approval for structures.

Their Consultancy service includes organizing and obtaining quotes as necessary from engineers, surveyors, building certifiers, quantity surveyors, tenders and defect reports. Their list of services allow you to decide how much of this you want to do for yourself.

Drafting Concepts is a member of the Queensland Building Design Association (QBDA) & Queensland Master Builders Association (QMBA). That means their professionals remain up-to-date with the latest changes and improvements within the industry.

If you choose to use Drafting Concepts for your next building project, you can rest assured they will design a building with in your budget; you will know what your building cost should be before you hand the plans to a builder, and Drafting Concepts can help you find the preferred builders. You will also understand, which building contracts are best suited to the client, not the builder. We will take it from design to the point where you can sign a building contract.

Drafting Concepts is not a builder or developer, meaning they are free to provide you the best service without influence beyond your wishes and your budget. Their minimal fee to organize and communicate the process depends on your level of involvement. Ultimately, Drafting Concepts can save you both a great deal of money and even more precious time.

To learn how Drafting Concepts’ drafting services can help you, simply point your browser to their website at http://www.draftingconcepts.com.au. There, you can get in-depth information about their services and read testimonials from satisfied customers. You will see why Drafting Concepts is the drafting services Brisbane residents trust. So go online, or call them at 07 5596 4226, to get started on your next drafting and design project.

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Company Name: Drafting Concepts

Website: http://www.draftingconcepts.com.au

Telephone: (07) 5596 4226