JMMS Weekly Update

January 22, 2021

Principal's Message

Good Afternoon Alpine,

Today marks the halfway point of the 2020-2021 school year. This is a school year unlike any year prior, and the students at Joan MacQueen have done a superb job. I know that it hasn't been easy and that there have been tears shed and tantrums thrown, but they are growing more resilient by the day. The teachers and staff of AUSD have started the vaccination process, and because of this I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

I do want to share some insights that I have had into the reopening process. AUSD is one of a tiny number of districts in the State that has students physically on campus. County Public Health allows us to remain open because of our strict adherence to our protocols. When families receive one of the letters crafted by County Public Health, we ask that you take it seriously. The research indicates that it is possible to transmit the virus even if you have already tested positive or received a vaccination. You can be an asymptomatic carrier and a risk to those who are in close contact with you.

I received my first dose of the Phizer vaccine today, and I am so grateful to the local health clinic for their support of AUSD. Our goal is to have kids back at school for their peace of mind and yours. We can make that goal a reality with your support. Stay Strong Alpine!


Casey Currigan

Change in Schedule for Upcoming Monday Holidays

During January and February, there are three Monday holidays. In order to support our students in the A Cohort so they don't miss out on three days of instruction, we are going to adjust the Wednesday calendar for those weeks. The students in A Cohort will Zoom with their periods 3, 5, and 7 teachers for 45 min. The schedule in the window will enlarge if you click on it.
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