Who is at fault?

Cassidy Brake

Who is at most fault: Friar Lawrence

I believe Friar Lawrence is at fault for everything that has happened in Romeo and Juliet because he was the one who agreed to marry them. He was also the one who gave Juliet a potion to put her to sleep for a couple days and make her family think she is dead. Friar only married them because he thought it would help the two families conflicts. It actually made them worse even though nobody knows about the marriage besides the nurse and Friar.


Reason One:

Friar says, "To turn your households' rancor to pure love."(1.3.92)

The meaning behind this is that Friar is agreeing to marry Romeo and Juliet but only because he thinks that then their families conflicts will disappear.

Reason 2:

Friar says, "Till holy church incorporate two in one."(4.1.94)

Friar agrees to marry them.

Reason 3:

Friar states, "And this distilling liquor drink thou off."(3.5.37)

He gives Juliet a drink to put her to sleep but she won't be breathing and she will look dead. Her family will find her and bury her. Friar is sending a letter to Romeo to explain everything.

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Someone might say it was Romeo's fault because he was the one who went to Friar and asked him to marry them. Somebody could also argue that it wasn't Friar's fault Tybalt and Mercutio died and it's not. It's nobody's fault.
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