The Grab Lab

Reaching New Heights

The Grab Lab Reaches New Heights!!

Welcome to the Grab Lab where it is our mission to assist you getting things you can not reach easier. Our slogan here is "Reaching New Heights", and we are here to help you do that. With our new technology, we have created many new, helpful products to assist you in your everyday needs, like shopping and gardening

Our New Products!!!

The Reacher Creature

The Reacher Creature is the first product from The Grab Lab. It is a grocery cart with an arm or claw that extends to help you reach items that are high up and hard to reach. The Reacher Creature comes in three different sizes. The smallest one an arm that extends up to five feet. the medium one has a ten foot arm. The largest has a fifteen foot arm. The Reacher Creature is remote controlled. You enter the number code give to the product in the pamphlet you will receive at the front on the store. Say you want a box of Oreos, but you really can not reach them. The code might be 9485. You would type in that code then click "Get my item". Maybe you feel hungry and want two boxes of Oreos. You can just adjust the amount of items you receive with the "Change amount" button then enter the amount of items you need.

Why You Should Use Our Products

1. A reason is all of our products are All American products. Every single one is made right here.

2. Another is, the products we make are made to make your life easier in everyday things, like The Reacher Creature at the groccery store, or The Gardening Grabber while you are gardening.

3.The last reason is that the products are easy to operate. Both products are remote controlled, and all ready put together. No hassle for you!!

Where To Buy

You can buy The Reacher Creature or pre-order The Gardening Grabber from the Grab Lab's website, or from the phone. The Grab Lab's phone number is 555-829-7211. The Reacher Creature costs $250 per cart.


In all The Grab Lab's products, there is a 30 day warranty. If the product breaks, or does not do what is advertised, you can return your product and get the new or updated product.

Come See The Grab Lab Present!!

Monday, June 3rd 2013 at 7-9pm

Orange Avenue School

Come see The Grab Lab present at the annual P2E showcase. Not only will you get to see our products in person, but you will see many other cool gadgets and companies. Don't forget to vote for us!!! :)

About The Inventor

My name is Emily Howlett. I am eleven years old and go to school at Orange Avenue School. I enjoy competitive swimming, running and dancing. I got my inspiration for this invention from my very short family and my mom can never reach anything when we go grocery shopping.