Instructional Coaching

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What Coaching is...and isn't

Coaching is...

  • Partnership

  • Ongoing

  • Flexible

  • Reflective

  • Collaborative

  • Commitment

  • About the student

  • Engaging students

  • Focused on student learning

  • Results driven

  • Allows for different learning styles of students and teachers

  • Mindful

  • Based on student learning goals

Coaching isn't...

  • Evaluative

  • Threatening

  • Being an evaluator

  • Not a quick fix

  • It’s not about the Coach

  • Something to check off the list

  • About fixing teachers

  • Not about telling a teacher what to do

  • Teacher by proxy- “here fix this"

  • One shot conversations

Coaching Cycle

Coaching Cycles will last about 4-6 weeks, we will meet about 4 -6 times in the time period. The teacher and the Instructional Coach will collaborate together to set goals for the students.
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My Beliefs as an Instructional Coach

My coaching beliefs:

  • The goals the teachers set are for them and for the students..they are not for me
  • Students are still learning, teachers are still learning, and I am still learning
  • I will maintain an open mind about how things can be done in the classroom
  • My work is ongoing .. it doesn’t happen in a single conversation
  • Relationship is an important factor, but not my goal
  • Our work as teachers can be fun and rigorous at the same time
  • I look for opportunities to encourage others as they engage in new learning
  • The goals of others drive my work.

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