Bodies Of Water By Jr. Green



Glaciers are like rivers but ice glaciers have gone over mountains and took its shape they. Are also shaped out of valleys to glaciers do not have salt water they have fresh water. The snout of the glacier is stationary but the rest of it is flowing.
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Lakes are large areas of water surrounded by land. Some lakes are fresh and others are salt water. Lakes have stationry water it is never moving unless you make it.
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Oceans are very big seas but divide. Oceans are always flowing around the earth. Oceans are fresh but salt and materials get in oceans from rain and other things.
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A rivers is a stream the was naturly made that flows into an ocean or sea. Rivers are flowing all the time also are flowing into other bodies of water. Rivers do not taste salty but salt and other matriels come into oceans from salt coming from rivers.
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