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Mrs. Mayo & Ms. Zimmerman

Friday, October 2, 2020

Bully Prevention Month

October is Bully Prevention Month that aligns with our monthly counseling lessons. Our school counselors put together a few activities for this month:

**Monday October 5th- Wear Blue to support Bully Prevention. Share your support at #BlueUp #SDWBlueUP and share the message of being an Upstander.

**Wednesday October 21st- Wear Orange for National Unity Day. See the National Unity Day Guide for Schools for more ideas and share out your unity on twitter.

Parent Teacher Conferences

We look forward to seeing you for parent teacher conferences next week. We cannot wait to share all the amazing info about your child with you. We have completed MAPs testing, running records, sight word assessments, and the beginning of the year math inventory. Your kids are awesome!

As a reminder, conferences are virtual this year. We have learned a lot in the past week about hosting conferences in Webex. (We feel much more knowledgeable now, but truly a novice! ) You will not need your child's device, as mentioned previously. We will send you a Google Calendar invite that will include a Webex link. You can simply click on the Webex link and it will take you to the meeting. If you need help, please let us know. We are sure many of you are way more advanced than us! Thanks for bearing with us as we learn how to host virtual meetings.

For those that have already signed up for a conference, you should have received a Google Calendar invite from me. It looked like "Parent Teacher Conference (Name/Teacher)." Please save this email! Your link to attend the meeting is in that invitation.

Please click on the links below if you haven't signed up for a conference yet. Thanks and we look forward to connecting with you.

Friday Folders

In second grade this year, we will be sending home folders back to you on Fridays. Here is where you can find your child's work, Scholastic News articles, Scholastic book orders, or any updates that get sent to youngest & only kiddos about Rose Glen. On the left side of your child's folder - you will find a signature sheet. If you have any questions or comments about things that go home, feel free to write them there! We will check them on Monday's when the folders come back to school!

Library Books

We have switched our library schedule! Please make sure your child sends their books back as soon as they are done reading them. We have a different system this year. Books come back to school and sit in "quarantine" for 3 days before they are checked in. It is very important that you only have one of the black book bags at your house. This will ensure that your child can pick books each week. This is a new process this year and will certainly take some getting used to. Thanks for helping return your child's books.

Mrs. Mayo - Wednesdays @ 1:15 pm

Mrs. Zimmerman - Fridays @ 1:15 pm

October Birthdays

Language Workshop

This was our final week of Unit 1 where we discuss community. We read two more books, My Rows and Piles of Coins and Mr. Peabody's Apples. Both of these books reinforced the importance of kindness, teamwork, and honesty in a community.

Reading Workshop

In reading, we finished up Unit 1 and we look forward to Unit 2 where we dive into characters and character development.

Please remember to have your child read for at least 15 minutes every night.

Writing Workshop

This week we finished up Unit 1 on personal narratives. Students wrote some amazing stories about their lives.

Note: Handwriting is important! By second grade, students should have correct letter formation and word spacing. They also should be able to write on the lines. If you feel like your child could use some extra handwriting practice at home, please contact your child's homeroom teacher.

Math Workshop

As with other subjects, we finished Unit 1 this week. It doesn't always line up perfectly with literacy, but it did this week! We completed unit 1 on place value, skip counting, and odd and even. Please look over, sign, and return your child's unit 1 test. Thanks!

Dreambox: Each week, your child is given a goal to reach 10 Dreambox lessons! Each lesson takes between two to eight minutes to complete. Students are given lots of time to complete this during the school day. Your child is more than welcome to do extra lessons at home.

Math Facts: By the end of second grade, your child should know all addition and subtractions facts through 12. XtraMath is a great app that allows your child to practice their facts. Please have them do this at least one time a week at home.

Social Studies

In social studies, students learned all about government and democracy. Students talked about rights, responsibilities, and laws. Students learned about American symbols, the three branches of government, and the Bill of Rights.


Webex is an app that is meant to be used in a time of virtual learning. It allows students and teachers to connect. It also allows for students to socialize with each other when they are not able to do so in person. This app is a very useful educational tool.

As of right now, the students in our classrooms are currently face to face. They are allowed to socialize with friends and connect with teachers in person.

Therefore, we are asking for students to remain off of Webex at this time. If and when we go virtual, your child is logged in and connected with the classroom. If your child would like to connect with friends or peers at home, please use other platforms and be sure to monitor their use.

iPad Clean Up

All students have had their ipad check during the month of September. Here is some helpful information to keep your child's ipad clean and working properly.

1) Open up Safari and Chrome. Close out any open tabs. Some friends have several open tabs. This just makes the ipads lose battery faster.

2) Go to the Settings. If a software update is needed, please complete that. Please always make sure that when a red circle shows up that updates are installed at home.

3) If a child needs to put in a passcode for their managed apple ID, please let your homeroom teacher know. We can help them.

4) All students have their 6-digit student lunch code as their home and lock screen code. This must remain the same throughout their student career at Rose Glen.

5) All students must have their "selfie" on their home screen and lock screen. Feel free to take an updated picture for second grade. (Remember, a student's face should take up the majority of the photo.)

6) Double-click and swipe up to close out any open apps.

7) Open Gmail and delete or archive any old emails.

8) Photos & Videos - Please remove any non-school related photos or videos. Feel free to transfer them to another ipad.

9) Webex - Open the Webex app and review your child's account. Delete or leave any old spaces.

10) Please ensure a 100% charge and send back every day. Thank you so much for your help!

Fall Weather

The weather outside changes multiple times a day. Please help make your child comfortable in school by doing the following things:

  • Have your child dress in layers. The classroom can be warm or chilly.
  • Please send your child with coats, hats, gloves, boots, etc. The mornings can be chilly and then the afternoon warms up, or the reverse can happen!
  • When it is rainy, please send rain boots or umbrellas. If it is just a light rain, we might try to do a quick walk around the playground for a mask break.

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