Game Design & Programming

By: Natan A.

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▲ Being a Game Programmer ▲

Types of Programming are things like: Game Engine, Artificial Intelligence, Sound, Scripting, UI, Network, Game Tools, Porting, etc. Designs the software of the game.

△ Getting Applied △

Most jobs in game programming require a bachelor's degree in order to get in. More and more universities are offering courses and degrees for game programming.

△ Salary △

Average Salaries for Programmers:

Game Programmer/ Engineer - $72,000

Senior Game Programmer/ Engineer - $95,000

Technical Director: $134,000

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▲ Game Design ▲

Game Design adds goals, challenges, rules, and many different aesthetics to the game. They work on art, make the mechanics of the game, interaction, etc.
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△ Getting Applied △

You are likely going to need a bachelor's degree for game design, computer engineering, or computer science. Which takes four or five years to get.

△ Salary △

People in the Game Designing industry earn for $70,000 - $90,000 annually.

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