Car Project

By: Hector Gonzalez

Car Make & Model

The car make and model I chose was the 2016 Toyota Camry. The reason why I chose the Toyota Camry was not only because of the way it looks, but in an era that will soon begin to use electric cars, I thought it would be a good idea to get a hybrid which uses both electricity and/ or gasoline to run.

Car Trim Level

The trim level I chose for the car was Hybrid LE due to the fact of it including more combined MPG (41), Bluetooth, and the fact that this is the first hybrid trim meaning it begins to use electricity on this level. It is the cheapest of the Hybrid trims. The only issue I found was the low HP (156) of the car on this trim level compared to the HP of the trims under this one (268) but I don't really plan on going fast anyways so it is not a huge downside.
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MPG & Engine Size/ Description

The MPG of the Toyota Camry 2016 Hybrid LE in the city in 43 MPG and on the highway it is 39 MPG. The engine size of the car is a 2.5 liter, 4-cyl and hybrid. The car has a front-wheel drive, 4-doors, brake assist, 2 power outlets, 4 cup holders, and much more

Main Safety Features

* Engine Immobilizer

* R/V Camera

* Restraint System, Dual Front, F&R Head Curtain, Dual Front Knee & F&R Side Impact Air Bag

*Star Safety System

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Warranty Info

Basic Warranty: 3 years/ 36,000 mi

Powertrain Warranty: 5 years/ 60,000 mi

Consumer Rating

The consumer rating is a fair 8.4/10.

Good: "Put it this way I traded a Honda Accord 2013 for this 2015 Toyota Camry SE it drives nice and it is a lot less road nosie than Honda and not near as jerky." Overall rating was a 10/10

""fun to drive, comfortable, roomy, easy handleing"

Likely to recommend this car? (1-10): 10

"Comfort, ride, styling. Spacious, handling, stereo" Overall a 10/10

Bad: "uncomfortable. noise. window glare" Overall was a 3/10

"poor gas mileage" Overall was a 4/10

"MPG not close, feel like i got ripped off." Overall was a 1/10

Expert Rating

Overall: 9.1

Driving Dynamics: 8.5

Comfort & Convenience: 8.9

Design (Exterior & interior): 8.1

Value: 8.3

Safety: N/A (this is disappointing)

My Ranking

Compared to the other car listed with the 2016 Toyota Camry such as the 2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid (overall 9.1) and the 2016 Ford Fusion SE Hybrid (overall 8.5) I would say the car ranks pretty high for the class it is in. The reason why I think that is because as explained to me before ( I didn't know this until it was explained in class), most of the wealthy elites in the US drive Toyota Camry's due to its reliability, price, etc. It is a very good car in my opinion at a reasonable price.


MSRP: $27,625- The price means Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price and is the price used as a reference point when negotiating a price with a dealer.

Fair Purchase Price/ Blue Book Value: $25,475- It is the reasonable value a consumer could be expected to pay.

Dealer Invoice: $25,482- The price a manufacturer charges its dealer for a new vehicle.

Other Websites MSRP- $27,625

Fair-$23,772 Fair-$24, 377

MSRP- $27,625

Compare the Fair Purchase Price

The Fair Purchase Price was different for all three of the websites and that is probably because one may include more inside than the other such as more safety features, extra accessories, leather seats, etc. The outside could be different as well such as a different paint job that is more expensive than the stock paint.

Other Car Options & Their Prices

2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid: Fair Purchase Price- $25,144

2016 Ford Fusion SE Hybrid: Fair Purchase Price- $24,907


After looking at the prices and features of all three of the cars, I would still say I would purchase the 2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE even though I did shift a little to the 2016 Ford Fusion SE Hybrid due to its cheaper price and 8.8 consumer rating but in the end its 8.5 expert rating shun me away since experts are less bias than everyday people (for example, people who generally like Ford cars may make the car sound better than it is) and the Toyota Camry has an expert rating of 9.1 so I thought it would still be better to purchase it than the Ford. When negotiating a price however, if I am not satisfied with it I could claim that I am leaving to buy a cheaper and more liked Ford Fusion rather than a Toyota Camry, that way the dealer may bring the price down for me.


2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE - $25,475

If I were to guess how much money I would put down at once would be around $1,000-$2,500, most likely $1,500. I am not sure if this is a reasonable price but that's how much I would put down.

$25,475 - $1,500= $23,975 (loan)

$23,975/ 60= $399.59 per month

If I had a job I would say there would be a lot of things I would have to restrain myself from if I would want to afford this car, the gas, insurance, maintenance, etc. but at the current state I am in, I don't think that will be able to. It would be much easier to pay for if two people were to be working together to pay off the car and as a high school student looking to get in a college, the chances aren't very high of finding a partner in that period. Sadly, I would not be able to afford the car by myself, maybe if I had saved up money years ago I would be able to purchase it but as of right now I don't think its possible by myself.