Career Of A Biochemist

Do you have what it takes ?

What may this job do ?

A Biochemist takes on the responsibility of studying the physical and chemical principles of living things and how they develop along with heredity.Often working in groups. Finding a variety of complex chemical combinations including metabolism as well. A Biochemist also may discover the aftermath or different foods, hormones, drugs, serums, an unknown substances. You basically explore the other side of the hill, things that happen to the body that is not visible to the human eye. A real adventure for someone curious.
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Necessary Skills

On a day to day basis a biochemist has to agree with many other biochemists. Depending on what you study, these are the most common skills necessary skills.

- Analytical Skills

- Problem Solving Skills

- Writing Skills

- Math Skills

- Interpersonal Skills

And , or Speaking Skills

Requirements And More

In order to be a biochemist, you must at least have a college degree, no lower than a bachelors. Depending on where you may work , bachelors and masters degrees only at least qualiy for the some. Rather than that, most biochemists have a PhD.

Here are some schools recommended for you.

- Walden University

- Grand Canyon University

- Penn Foster Career School

- Azusa Pacific University College

- And Kaplan University

Payments And Salary

Being a Biochemist, you earn a lot of money. Every Biochemist has a different salary and payment. This also depends on where you live, going by states. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, New Jersey being the highest annual mean wage at $117,370. Texas' annual mean wage being at between $70,420- $78,460. This coming with a full time of set hours, usually on average of 40 hours a week.


This is just a small inside look of what you may be getting yourself into when you decide to take on the job of a Biochemist. Do you want to have what it takes? Find our inner Biochemist skills.