Ms. Thornton's Thinkers in Room 311

Who knew learning could be Snow much fun!?

Family Fridays

I would like to start a new event in our classroom where a parent or two (or as many as can attend) come and join us once a month to come see what we are working on and learning. You can help as a volunteer or maybe even come in and be a guest speaker for our class!

We have been working on maintaining eye contact while others are speaking, greeting adults, and shaking hands and I think that it would be great practice if once a month they were able to see how these skills are actually applied in the "real world"!

If you are interested in joining us, please mark in which capacity you would be interested. Maybe Friday's don't work well for you, no problem! Let me know when the best day would be and I'll find a day and a time that would work better.

Name of child: ____________________________________

I would like to come volunteer: _______

I would like to come and guest speak: ________

I would prefer this be on a different day: Please check all days that work best for you.

Mon:_____ Tues:_____ Weds:_______ Thurs:_______ Fri:________

Holiday Party

Please come and join us on December 22nd as we come together as a class and have our Holiday party!

We will be making ornaments, exchanging gifts in a game of Secret Santa, and will enjoy some refreshing pizza and juice!

We have been striving to make our classroom a second family, and I think it would be fantastic for you to come and join your child for this wonderful day of relaxation and fun.

Secret Santa - For our Holiday party we decided as a class we would like to have a game of Secret Santa. I'm hoping that each child can get a small gift that they feel someone would like to receive, for $5 or less. Wrap it up, bring it in, and in random order the kids will go up and select their gift! If you are able and willing to donate more than one gift that would be fantastic, but you are not required to do so.

Upcoming Events:

  • Early Release Day - December 7th
  • Holiday Party - December 21st
  • Christmas Break - December 22 to January 3rd