Local News Update

Conflicts In School

Drug and Gang violence (National)

Drug and Gang violence in schools have increased rapidly throughout the years. Students are feeling like they have to indulge in the activities. So what can we do to stop this non sense? First we have to start with the home life, make sure that's a safe environment, then we need to enforce more security in public schools.

Administrator Interview (Leadership)

Group: What do you think about gangs and bullying in public schools?

Administrator: It's outrageous and something needs to be done

Group:What can we do to solve the problem

Administrator:We need more security and more enforced rules

Group:Do you think that would help?

Administrator: I believe it would

Group: If we get rid of the problem would the school be a safe environment?

Administrator: Yes it would be

Group:Thanks for helping us with our project, you have a nice day!

Administrator:No problem, ya'll stay out of trouble now.

Group:Yes Mam.