Tinker Maker Engineer Why?

Developing Creativity through Making Across the Curriculum

** Part 1: What is Making? ... and Why? **

Above And Beyond

Let's Create!

You'll find a paper plate and a small paper cup at your workspace. Take your cup to the workshop to gather materials that you would like to create with this morning. The rules are, THERE ARE NO RULES!

You have 5 minutes ... Go!

See what we made in class today!

Looking Back

Remember, by giving you the freedom to create (or learn) what you wanted FIRST, and then guiding you to incorporate the required elements (the 5 orange + 5 yellow + 5 red that represented the TEKS) to fill in the gaps AFTER you had gathered what you chose, your final results were much more complex and more meaningful to you than if you'd been given the requirements from the beginning. To encourage greater creativity, try giving students freedom of choice in their learning and time to explore their own passion at the beginning of your lesson rather than as a supplement at the end, and guide them to help fill in any missing required learning goals in the process.

Making - Tinkering - Engineering

How we see the similarities and differences

Fun with LED's

A Very Basic Circuit

All you need to create a basic circuit is a watch battery and an LED light. Electricity flows from negative to positive, so when you create a complete connection from the negative side of the battery to the positive, electricity will flow through and power whatever is in-between as long as the battery is strong enough.

As long as you make your connections with conductive material, and be sure everything is connected with no breaks, you can add components like LED lights to all sorts of things. For example, you can use copper tape or conductive paint to make your connections on paper or conductive thread with fabric projects. Just imagine it and make it!

Solve the Problem

We’ve been having a issue lately with power outages at the ESC, so you'll need to create an alternate light source to have on hand to illuminate your workspace in case of darkness. Choose from any of the materials you find in the workshop to create your light source - remember, the number one rule today is, there are no rules :)

Look at some of the cool flashlights we made!

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** High Tech Tinkering **