Westside Middle School

October 1, 2021

Parent Teacher Conferences

Conferences will take place on Wednesday, October 13th and Thursday, October 14th at the following times:

Wednesday 10/13

Webex Conferences 4:00-5:00 pm

In person Conferences 5:00-8:00 pm

Thursday 10/14

Webex Conferences 8:00-11:30 am

*teachers will have a lunch break from 11:30-12:30

In Person Conferences 12:30-4:00 pma

If you indicated that you would like a webex conference on the survey that was sent out two weeks ago, you will get an email to sign up for those times by Monday, October 4th.

If you are participating in person, you may show up at any time during the above time frames, no sign-up required.

Most teachers will be located in the team common areas, library, and cafeteria. You will get a copy of your student's schedule and a map when you arrive so you know where teachers are located.

Water Bottles

Being hydrated is extremely important for our students so they can be successful academically. However, students have decided to start using their water bottles to squirt other students and make a mess on the floors in our building. We will be taking away water bottles from students who are using them for anything other than drinking.

WHS Football Game Reminders

Westside families -

We are encountering problems at our Varsity Football Games at Westside High School involving our students. Specifically, we have noticed an increasing number of elementary and/or middle school students unaccompanied and/or unsupervised during and after games. This last week, our staff and security noted a group of younger students together in our parking lot more than 30 minutes after the stands had emptied; needless to say, it was concerning to see a group of 10-13 year olds, alone, at 10pm on a Friday night.

This is creating safety concerns, as well as crowd control and behavioral issues for our security, staff members, and other students and families. While we encourage our younger students to attend games, whether football, softball, basketball, etc., we remind you they must be accompanied and supervised by an adult. In addition, we remind all students they are expected to sit/stay in the stands to watch the game and not congregate near concession stands and restrooms.

Thank you for your support in helping Westside High to be a welcoming and safe place for all of our fans, student athletes and visitors.

Westside Community Schools

Lunchroom Expectations

We have been observing some behaviors in the lunchroom that are not meeting our school expectations of being safe, responsible, and respectful. Please reinforce the following expectations with your student.

  • Stay seated, ask permission to get up

  • Wait until the garbage cans come to you, don’t attempt to make “baskets”

  • All ipads, airpods, and phones need to be kept in backpacks

  • Please do not play with food or make messes with your food on your tray

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This week counselors will be in 8th grader homerooms to teach a lesson on tolerance. which will be presented to them by the counselors during homeroom.

7th grade ?????????????????????????

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Purchase a Westside Mask!

We have a new shipment of masks available to purchase for $8. These masks are a great way to show your school spirit. They are made of polyester, washable, have adjustable straps around the ears, and a wire that adjusts on the nose. If you are interested in purchasing a mask or several, please contact Mr. Carlson.
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Parents must call into the attendance secretary, Ms. Metzler, if your student is ill or not able to attend school that day. Please make sure this is done by 9:00 AM.

The attendance number is 402-408-8649 or 402-390-6464

Check out the attendance handouts below on the importance of attendance here at school.

School work when your student is absent!!

If your student is gone for whatever reason, please have them check their Google Classrooms for all assignments. This is used by all WMS teachers and is updated daily.

WMS Bell Schedule

7th Grade Bell Schedule

Pd 1: 8:00-8:40

Pd 2: 8:43-9:23

Pd 3: 9:26-10:06

Pd 4: 10:09-10:49

Pd 5: (7th) 10:52-11:32

Pd 6: (7th) 11:35-12:15

Spark/Lunch: 12:18-1:18

Pd 8: 1:21-2:01

Pd 9: 2:04-2:44

Warrior Time 2:47-3:15

8th Grade Bell Schedule

Pd 1: 8:00-8:43

Pd 2: 8:46-9:26

Pd 3: 9:29-10:09

Pd 4: 10:12-10:52

Spark/Lunch 10:55-11:55

Pd 6: (8th) 11:58-12:38

Pd 7: (8th) 12:41-1:21

Pd 8: 1:24-2:04

Pd 9: 2:07-2:47

WarriorTime 2:50-3:15

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Westside Middle School participates in TAGG. TAGG has a growing list of participating businesses who will donate a portion of what you spend there to our school. WMS uses these funds to help support our school PBIS store and extra supplies teachers need throughout the year.

This is a fast and easy way to help our building without fundraising. Watch this video to see how it works. https://youtu.be/WS2u4s1J63c

Below is a list of business that participate in TAGG. Remember to select Westside Middle School!!

Student Handbook

Kim Eymann - Principal



Brian Stevens - Assistant Principal (He will handle all questions on Busing)

Dean for 8A & 7C



Jenni Allen - Assistant Principal & Director of Special Services



Dan Carlson - Dean & Athletic Director

Dean for 7A, 7B, & 8B



Corrie Philo - Dean for 7D, 8C, & 8D (Handles all questions on after school Library)