Come to Peru :)

by: Madison Anthony

backround information 🙂

The capital of Peru is Lima.

Four major cites are Lima, Arequipa, Callo and Trujillo. Lima has a population of 7,737,002 people. Arequipa has a population of 841,130. Callo has a population of 813,264 and lastly Trujillo with a population of 747,450. Lima has the biggest population.


Peru was control by another country. Peru was part of the Inca Empire. The Inca empire was Spanish and it was in South America. It gain independence on July 28, 1821. They were conquered by Francisco Pizarro. Peru is not still control by another county.

Geographical information🏔

Peru is in South America. South of Ecuador and west of Brazil. Some phyical features are the Andes mountains, the Amazon River which was their source of water and the Andean Highlands.

Political information👔

Peru has a democratic Goverment. The leader is president Ollanta Humala.
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Economic information💰

The currency is Peruvian Nuevo Sol. There Economic system is socialism.
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Tourist information✈️

People should come to Peru because there are interesting history. Even if you are just walking around a museums or walking around a town or village. You can even hike to hidden Inca ruins. The Inca ruins are the most beautiful and mysterious sites.

Fun things to do there🏖

Peru has a wide viarty of beaches if you like surfing or just sitting and watching the clam waves. There is also Cuzco which is a city in Peru. In Cuzco you can walk along the city streets. If you don't like that you can go to Machu Pucchu were you can spend hours wandering lost long city's of the Inca.