H.A. Rey

The author with a big imagination

Central Idea Statement

In 1940 H.A Rey started his career by getting his first book published as a writer and he continued writing books that were in a Series called the Curious George series.

Summary of research

H.A. Rey was a kid who loved the zoo and loved animals. He wanted to learn more about animals, but then he ended up loving studying animals and writing about them. World war 2 broke out while he was writing great books, so his first book to be published was delayed. Finally World War two ended and he got his first book published called Cecily C. and the Nine Monkeys. H.A Rey then went on to start his book series called Curious George and started selling a lot of copies and he was instantly a sensation.

Characters H.A Rey frequently uses

H.A. Rey uses 2 characters name Curious George and The man in the yellow hat. Curious George is a monkey that gets in a lot of trouble, but is just a curious monkey. George is the main character of almost all his book and is the star of the Curious George series. The man in the yellow hat is in the Curious George series, but doesn't have a big part in the books. The man in the Yellow hat usual gets Curious George out of trouble.

The Theme H.A Rey uses

H.A Rey's theme in his books is being curious can get you in big trouble, so be careful. In the series Curious George, Curious George is always getting in trouble being curious. George is almost always getting hurt and the man in the yellow hats tries to get him to be careful,.