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November 2020

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Dear Colleagues,

I would like to wish everyone associated with the Middleborough Public Schools a very Happy Thanksgiving!

This special holiday has always been a great time to "count your blessings" and, on behalf of a grateful school community, I want to let everyone know how much you are "counted" amongst our blessings! We are truly grateful for all that you do every day, in every way for the young people of Middleborough.

This "2020" year has certainly presented significant challenges for everyone and please know that I appreciate all of your concerted efforts to "hang in there" for our students and each other. It has certainly not been easy!

Please enjoy the holiday break with family (if possible) and friends (if possible) and......finally, back by popular demand from last year, please enjoy this whimsical and meaningful Thanksgiving poem below!

Please accept my best regards to you and your families during this special time of year.

Most Sincerely,

Brian Lynch

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Dear Colleagues,

I keep seeing this quote in social media posts or elsewhere on the internet. There has been so much said about 2020… lamenting how difficult this year has been (and it HAS) and also how to get through it as best we can. This particular quote made me pause and reflect on all that has been sacrificed both personally as well as educationally in our community. It also reminded me to value what we haven’t lost.

We haven’t lost hope. When our school district opened our doors, first in July and then fully in September, every member of our community demonstrated their hope for a safe return to education.

We haven’t lost friendship. Teams of professionals mobilized to attack new barriers. People working together for a common goal: the education of kids. Everyone seemed to be in uncharted territory and yet, by leaning on each other, managed the ever-difficult task of starting.

We haven’t lost our knowledge. Every day I see examples of true professionals, using their deep skill sets to teach. To learn. To grow. At every level you have tackled new challenges and extended yourselves into the homes of our families, outside the school day, and into the community.

This Thanksgiving, it is my deeply held wish that you all rest and reconnect with whatever and whoever brings you hope, friendship, and knowledge. On behalf of the Middleborough Public Schools, thank you for all that you do every day.

Please be safe and enjoy your holiday,


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Each year, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) calculates a minimum level of spending needed to provide an adequate education for each city/town in the commonwealth. This adequate funding level is referred to as the foundation budget and is a shared municipal-state responsibility. DESE then determines the required local contribution which is the portion of the foundation budget paid for by the city/town based on the relative wealth of the community. The remainder of the Foundation Budget is funded by Chapter 70 State Aid.

During this Season of Thanks, I am grateful for the support that the Middleborough Public Schools receives from the citizens of Middleborough. The town of Middleborough’s total school spending is consistently above the state required amount.



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The Impact of Trauma on Learning and Behavior in Children and Teens

School on Wheels of Massachusetts is sponsoring a free virtual seminar on December 3rd at 7pm entitled "The Impact of Trauma on Learning and Behavior in Children and Teens" Dr. Michelle Alto, Clinical Psychologist Fellow from Johns Hopkins, will be presenting. If you are interested, please check out the flyer below so you may RSVP to the event.

A big thanks goes out to Mrs. Lynn McManus, Executive Director of School on Wheels of Massachusett, for sharing this opportunity with our MPS family.

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Google Meet Drop-in Session with Sean

Monday, Nov. 23rd, 2-4pm

This is an online event.

Sean Siciliano will be hosting a drop-in question and answer session for Google Meet on Monday, November 23, 2020 from 2 - 4pm. This will be done virtually and you can enter with the Meet Nickname “TechToolbox”. Please email Sean if you have any other questions.

UniFlow - Secure Print Upgrade ---> Service Outage

On Tuesday, November 24th from 4:30-5:30PM, we will be performing an upgrade to our secure print program, UniFlow. During this window of time you will not be able to print through UniFlow. Please plan accordingly. Thank you.

Technology Updates

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Dear MPS,

If I only had a nickel for every time I have heard someone say kids are behind... In all honestly, I cannot stand this narrative that is bandied about as a result of the initial closure of school and remote learning. Every time I hear it I ask myself, what is that kids are behind in? What metric is that we are saying we are behind on? I would like to know what metric it is because I am not sure it will be the right metric we should be measure our kids against.

I certainly acknowledge that our students may not have been exposed to all the necessary standards at the end of the last school year and that this year we are trying to resolve that while moving forward with the standards associated with your given grade level and content area. We all know our students aren't where they normally would be, but remember that this isn't our students' fault and it is not our's either. The circumstances we are all in have caused us to be "behind" and I do not think it is fair to lay this at the feet of our students or faculty and staff.

So what can we do about the deficit thinking approach that many have taken on by constantly talking about students being behind as a result of the pandemic? For Middleborough, I strongly believe that we need to continue focusing on our guiding principles of well-being, relationships and learning in that order of priority. If our students feel safe and cared for then they can make themselves available for learning.

Our mission is to foster a culture of excellence within every student and we won't be able to get "there" if we are focused on what students can't do. Our students can and will learn. How do I know this? I know it because I believe in each and every student. I know it because I believe in you and the excellence in teaching and learning that goes on in every classroom (in-person or remote), every day in MPS.

I am truly proud of the perseverance that is constantly demonstrated in making sure we meet the needs of our students.Thank you for all that you have given to make sure that this year is the best it can be!

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving! Please disconnect and tune into your own well-being; you more than deserve it!!!



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