Irene Rosenfeld

Mission Statement

A world full of differences.
Different lives. Different views. Different tastes.
But really, we're all the same.
Wherever you go.
Whoever you meet.
We all seek joy.

Maybe that's not too surprising.
What is surprising? A whole new company
That's been reimagined with a single focus in mind: Create joy.

Provide life's delicious moments by sharing the world's favorite brands.
Brands that awaken the senses.
Brighten the day.
Refresh, Renew, Uplift.


Barnum's Animals, belVita, Chips Ahoy!, Cheese Nips, Comet, Dentyne, Easy Cheese, Ginger Snaps, Green's and Black's Organic, Halls, Honey Maid, iD gum, Dandi-Snacks, Lorna Doone, LU, Mallowmars, Milka, Newtons, Nilla, Nutter Butter, Oreo, Peek Farms, Premium, Ritz, Snack Well's, Sour Patch Kids, Stoned Weat Thins, Stride, Swedish Fish, Teddy Grahams, Terry's, Toblerone, Trident, Triscut, Weat Thins.

Career Opportunities

Senior NABISCO Sales Service Representative, Senior Manager PMO - Digital Marketing Solutions, Sales Associate, Quality Technician, Sales Service Representative.

Senior NABISCO Sales Service Representative

- GED or High School Diploma is required.

- A college degree is preferred.

- A flexible work schedule, being able to travel across the region, a week at a time. Being able to work weekends and holidays.

- establish and maintain rapport with key store individuals while providing outstanding customer service.

- Senior NABISCO Sales Service Representatives are responsible for communicating and identifying individual store problems and opportunities to the appropriate Mondelez Global personnel.

- In Tulsa, Oklahoma a Senior NABISCO Sales Service Representative with a major in Business and Marketing with 5 years of experience will have a median pay of $32,000.