PACE LA Resources

Ideas for Differentiation

Diving Deeper with Reading

Book Talks

Book Talks can be an interesting way for students to synthesize their reading and share with others.

Creating opportunities for authentic audiences can increase student motivation for reading. Students share their book talk in class or using technology. Some teachers have had students create QR codes that can be glued in the front cover of classroom books so that other students who are interested in the book can listen to another student's review.

How to Do a Booktalk

This tool can help you quickly develop creative and interesting reader's response prompts.

Genius Hour & Self-Directed Research

What is Genius Hour? - Introduction to Genius Hour in the Classroom
Renzulli’s Interest-A-Lyzer

This form can help kid identify their interests in order to select topics for further research. Students with similar interests may benefit from working together on a project.

Other Options to Differentiate for Advanced Learners

Differentiating Learning Objectives for High Achievers

This article discusses 4 ways to adapt the learning objective for advanced students. Options for differentiation including adapting thinking skills, content, resources, and products.

Using Pre-assessment to Differentiate

Step-by-step instructions on how one teacher used pre-assessment to provide challenge to all of her students.